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Netha Dyck

Nursing keynote Speaker 2017 - Netha Dyck

Title: Advancing Research and Scholarship through Innovative Leadership

Netha Dyck

Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canada


Dr. Netha Dyck has enjoyed a dynamic and diverse nursing career providing strategic leadership in a broad range of academic and nursing service leadership positions. She has also provided leadership on numerous professional and community boards, foundations and committees.

As Dean of the School of Nursing and the School of Health Sciences at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Netha is providing innovative leadership in the delivery of 34 award winning nursing education and health science programs to more than 5,000 students across the province and beyond. Her student centred approach and strong support of faculty and staff have resulted in student success, teaching excellence and the advancement of research and scholarship.

Along with her extensive leadership experience, Netha is engaged in lifelong learning and holds a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership.


Academic nursing leaders are providing strategic and innovative leadership in the advancement of research and scholarship within the Schools of Nursing. The leadership strategies and practices to support and strengthen the culture of research and scholarship within nursing education are varied.  The Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Nursing established an Institute for Nursing Scholarship (INS) to support the advancement of scholarly work in both nursing education and practice. The INS provides a resource hub for the engagement of faculty regarding all aspects of research, scholarship and innovation.

Founded largely on the Boyer Model of Scholarship and its scholarly pillars of discovery, application, integration, teaching, and service, faculty access support for research, grant writing, preparation of publications, presentations, and innovative initiatives. Positioned within a richly diverse nursing education environment, the INS facilitates educational sessions on a variety of scholarly topics. Visiting scholars also contribute to the engagement of collaborative research and scholarship.

This presentation will discuss the leadership practices and strategies employed to successfully establish a culture of research and scholarship. The driving forces and foundational components that led to the successful establishment of the INS will be discussed, along with the influence of the INS on the dramatic increase in faculty engagement in research and scholarship.