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Vivian Vimarlund

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Vivian Vimarlund

Title: E-health trends: Implementation, innovation and challenges

Vivian Vimarlund

Linkoping University, Sweden


Professor Vimarlund is Professor in e-health and in Informatics. She has a wide experience on management and leadership. Academic leadership is practiced as academic leader of the informatics research group, Director of the Research Center (CENIT/IS) at Jönköping International School (JIBS), as a Member of the American Medical Informatics (AMIA) Mentorship programme, and as the scientific leader of a series of research projects with focus on implementation, business models and social innovations

Professor Vimarlund has since 1989 conducted research within the area of Health Informatics with special focus on issues such as: a) Methods and models to evaluate the impact of the implementation and use of IT-based innovations in healthcare. b) Business models for Public Information Systems and Electronic Markets c) E-health services implementation.


E-health innovations are globally described as one of the major driving forces to innovate health and social care because its potential contribution to improve quality and access to care, and to engage patients in decisions related to their own health and wellbeing (European Commission, 2013 and 2014; OECD, 2011). Countries across Europe have, for this reason, adopted strategies to create infrastructures and national e-health programmes in support of e-health innovations and in this manner facilitate the transition to a patient centered health system. However, despite the fact that e-health innovations are perceived as an important contribution to quality and effectiveness, a sustainable implementation and use of e-health innovations has not being generic implemented. 

E-health confronts today several challenges at the societal and organizational level. In this presentation, Issues such as: challenges when implementing e-health innovations, pre-requisites, constrains and challenges organizations have to fulfill to successful and cost-efficient implementations. Special focus on the area of nursing informatics will be put.