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Mike Harnet

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Mike Harnet

Title: Dead Tired: What You Need to Know to Manage Worker Fatigue

Mike Harnet

Six Safety Systems, Canada


Mike has over twenty-five years of experience of Human Factors consulting within various Canadian and US government agencies including NASA and the Nuclear Safety Commission, in addition to rail, aviation, trucking, mining, utilities, oil& gas, maritime, health, and emergency service industries.

She is an active subject matter expert helping to establish national standards and was recently involved in a National Safety Council Blue Ribbon Panel addressing fatigue in the United States.

Mike is recognized for her ability to take complex subjects and deliver their content in a simplified and innovative manner for all to understand. Known for her sense of humor, she is a sought after speaker throughout North America.


Nurses play a critical role in both facilitating and supporting organizational efforts to mitigate worker fatigue.

As the first point of contact for many health-related questions, they are in a good position to identify fatigue related concerns due to their close association with the workers and knowledge of the work environment. As such, they can be a catalyst for change by presenting concerns to management in an independent and objective manner.

This workshop will deliver a case study of an organization that used best practices and a systems approach to evaluate, plan, develop, and implement a fatigue risk management system.

Today, 24-hour operations are necessary to meet the demands of society and the requirements of an industrialized global economy. These around-the-clock demands pose unique physiological challenges for the humans who remain central to safe and productive operations. Optimal alertness and performance are critical factors that are increasingly challenged by unusual, extended, or changing work/rest schedules. Technological advancements and automated systems can exacerbate the challenges faced by the human factor in these environments.

Fatigue is a complex issue and therefore requires a formal management system that is rooted in science, driven by objective analysis of data, and integrated into the existing health and safety management system. It requires collaboration and cooperation with all stakeholders and respects family concerns. Finally, it requires senior leadership to accept responsibility and accountability as owners of the system.

An effective fatigue risk management system (FRMS) takes the time to assess where the fatigue related hazards are within their system and emphasizes multiple, overlapping levels of control as a defense against fatigue-related incidents.