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Yolanda C. Lang

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Yolanda C. Lang

Title: The Occupational Health Department: The comprehensive health care providers

Yolanda C. Lang



Yolanda is an ANCC board certified adult nurse practitioner, and is a Certified Occupational Health Nurse from the American Board of Occupational Health Nurses. In 2007, she received her Fellowship distinction from the American Association of occupational health Nurses (AAOHN). Yolanda currently serves on the AAOHN Board of Directors and is the current president of the Pennsylvania Association of Occupational Health Nurses. She has presented at the local, state regional and national level on various topics including development and implementation of an animal surveillance program, critical thinking and pharmacology, etc. Additional Yolanda has published articles related to various aspects of Occupational health such as chemical abuse, international visitors and development of a clinical ladder. Currently Yolanda is responsible for the evaluation/treatment of employees with any animal/biohazardous agent exposures as well as treating employees for acute conditions and providing education and resources on ways to improve their health and well-being


The presentation will look of the evolution of the Employee Health Nurse to the Occupational Health Department. No longer is the employer only concerned with the number of days missed due to a work related accident. The employer finally has realized the need to offer screening, provide health promoting activities while still providing needed episodic care, whether related to the work environment or not. Occupational Health now interacts with the employee from the moment of an offer of employment is made (no not just to do a drug screen) by completing biometric screening, providing education as to the programs offered by the employer to maintain a healthy lifestyle, etc. through the employees entire work life span (offering free evaluation, vaccinations, treatment and teaching about episodic conditions such as sinusitis, bronchitis, smoking cessation support and even medication to the day the employee ultimately chooses to retire (discounted insurance rates are offered if a healthy lifestyle is maintained which is often offered by the employer.  The presentation will demonstrate some of the pitfalls, triumphs and obstacles and benefits to development of a lifelong program.