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Nicole M. Siddons

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Nicole M. Siddons

Title: Meeting and Treating Patients Where they Are Using Innovative Design Concepts and Partnership to Build a New Healthcare Model

Nicole M. Siddons

Livio Health Group, USA


Dr. Nikki Siddons, DNP, APRN, FNP-C is a graduate from the University of Minnesota in both the Family Nurse Practitioner and Health Innovation & Leadership doctoral tracks. She also received a certificate for Health Care Innovation and Design. Dr. Siddons currently works as an urgent care nurse practitioner where she evaluates and treats patients in all types of settings. She also serves as the Quality & Safety Manager of the practice. Today, she remains actively involved in researching and disseminating models of partnership, collaborating with health care organizations on TeamSTEPPS, and working at Livio Health Group to improve the health of the underserved population.


Underserved patients are often the most difficult population to engage in the health care system. This may mean that their chronic or even acute health conditions go unevaluated, undiagnosed, and untreated. They frequently have challenges accessing healthcare systems and go without necessary care, or conversely they are frequent utilizers of emergency departments and receive inappropriate and costly care.

It is imperative that health care organizations engage this patient population to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. By innovating and crafting new healthcare models to identify this population, engage and partner with them, this objective can and will be realized. Meeting the patients “where they are” both physically and emotionally ensures a captive audience where health promotion and prevention activities can be undertaken, thereby improving the health and well being of the patient.

By collaborating with key stakeholders such as local hospitals, chemical health dependency programs, mental health programs, county offices, and payers including health insurance companies patients and communities thrive- they are healthier and healthcare costs can be decreased. A new healthcare model that incorporates vital resources in a streamlined, easy to access and use platform encourages use by patients or clients. Thus it creates a wellness focused, socially engaged population.

These creative and innovative concepts can be translated to any population. Key ideas from this presentation will help audience members to do so. Partnership ideas will be presented that are central to this notion. Learners will be able to take design concepts and apply them to create a new and improved model of healthcare that is central to their community and population.