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Abigail Mitchell

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Abigail Mitchell

Title: Preparing future nurses to meet the demands of quality health care: challenges in educating multigenerational students

Abigail Mitchell

D Youville College, USA


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In today’s classroom and online formats, we have multiple different generations, which necessitates that we instruct using various teaching theories and strategies to enhance the students' learning abilities.  The other challenge is with the increased student enrollment, the additional challenge to be able to reach more students, with more content, yet maintain the most important factor, student-teacher relationship.  The entire academic environment can be a culture shock for students and faculty. Preparing students from the X, Y, and Z generations is a challenge. Clinical practices are under pressure to operate in a lean, efficient manner due to lack of reimbursements, increased regulations, and increased co-nobilities within the patient population. Many healthcare organizations require that nursing programs produce nurses who are work-ready and prepared for the demands of various populations and units. Understanding how generational differences contribute to the learning environment is essential to prepare the student for the chaotic healthcare environment and to promote safe and quality care.