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Li Chiu Lin

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Li Chiu Lin

Title: Using concept mapping as a teaching strategy in students Objective Structured Clinical Examination training

Li Chiu Lin

Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management, Taiwan


Lin, Li-Chiu has completed her PhD at university of Wollongong Australia. She is majoring in program design for overseas qualified nurses and acculturation. In past few years, she focuses on the practice program for students in nursing college and establish simulation scenario for nursing students. She also concentrates efforts on health education program design for postpartum women and families.


The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) was perceived as a useful strategy to increase nursing students’ clinical competency. Over the past few years, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan has funded five-year junior nursing colleges to build OSCE centers and to establish the OSCE center. However, Taiwanese students used to do rote learning and follow text book. OSCE is a big challenge for them. In considering the use of the OSCE as an assessment strategy, the authors tried to help them to apply a leaning strategy to reach to target of OSCE.  

Concept mapping is a concise and explicit teaching tool that has been applied in nursing education in Taiwan. Some academics had tried to apply concept mapping as a learning technic in their nursing program as clinical teaching, introduction to nursing and medical English reading. The purpose of this study aims to utilize concept mapping into students’ Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) training.

20 students between year three and year five from a five year nursing college were voluntary join the experimentally program. They was told that the outcome would not affect their formal learning. Three stages training processes were applied contained concept mapping in chart reading, concept mapping in simulation training and concept mapping in OSCE. Students were introduced concept mapping in the first stage of training. All three stages were focused on patients center care.

After each meeting, students had a group discussion to evaluate their outcome. Face to face interviews were applied to see their processes. Qualitative data analysis was applied. All students’ concept mapping outcomes were filed and discussed the progress by all researchers.

The result found that in the early stage, students were shocked and scared of self- thanking because they used to only receive information and follow text book. A positive attitude toward concept learning was changed in the advanced stages. Students indicated that the strategy helped them to reach the main problem and establish patients’ nursing care plan and nursing diagnosis.