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Andrea Pusey-Murray

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Andrea Pusey-Murray

Title: Assessing Undergraduate Students Sexual Practices, Perceptions of Risk and Sources of Information

Andrea Pusey-Murray

University of Technology, Jamaica


Dr Andrea Pusey-Murray is currently the Program Director for the BSc in Nursing at the Caribbean School of Nursing, University of Technology, Jamaica. 

She has published in peer reviewed articles in journals such as International Journal of Nursing Science, Biomedical Science and Engineering, and Mental Health in Family Medicine.

She has authored a book chapter entitled, Attendance and performance of undergraduate students in two nursing courses in a university in Jamaica, in Advancing Education in the Caribbean and Africa and co – authored Cultural Voices and Human Rights: Case Exemplars in the Routledge Handbook of Global Mental Health Nursing.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing, a Board member of the International Journal of Medical and Surgical Nursing.


The findings reported here form part of a larger research project that the main aim of this study was to survey the sexual practices and perceptions of risk among undergraduate students attending a tertiary institution in Jamaica. To answer the research questions, a cross-sectional survey research design was used. A total of 541 undergraduate students were selected using the stratified random sampling method. Data were collected through the use of a questionnaire and focus group discussion. The questionnaires data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics while the focus group data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The results showed that 66.4% of the respondents obtained most of their information on sexually transmitted infections from the mass media. More than half of the respondents (67.1%) used condoms during sexual activity and 52.6% stated that they have not changed risky behaviors despite concerns about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The Ministry of Health has instituted STIs campaigns and despite these campaigns the findings showed that only 32.7% of the respondents reported not using condom during sexual intercourse. The findings seem to suggest that there is still much to be done in terms of enlightenment campaigns, because of health hazards associated with risky sexual practices. Based on the findings and their implications the following recommendations were made: the Ministry of Health and the National Family Planning Board should be involved in campaigns that will target parents, schools and churches, to empower them with the tools that will help them to guide their children/relatives who are students about sexual practices and decision making.