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Abigail Mitchell

Nursing 2017 Speaker -  Abigail Mitchell

Title: Does academic performance decline when nursing students work 12 or more hours per week?

Abigail Mitchell

D Youville College, USA


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Internationally, it has been a common practice that college and university based nursing programs encourages undergraduate nursing students not to obtain either part time or full time employment during a nursing school semester due to the high intensity and demands of these programs. Limited literature is available on this topic, a few studies suggest that it does have detrimental impact in the performance of nursing students and other studies showed only a slight significance .

Purpose of the study: The purpose of this research study is to identify if a nursing student working part time or more influences their overall GPA in nursing school.

Introduction: In recent years due such factors as a nursing shortage and an increase in nursing salaries there has been a rise is the number of students enrolled in college and university nursing programs. Nursing employment opportunities have expanded due to the increasing health care needs of the large population of “baby boomers”, changes in health insurance, and the increase in health disparities across the nation. The current nursing student is from various generations and because of this many often have family responsibilities. These undergraduate nursing students in order to meet their financial obligations of paying for their education as well as providing for their families often seek employment in addition to their student role. This employment will limit the amount of time the student is able to spend on their nursing studies and thus have a negative impact on their overall academic performance.