Midstate Radiology Associates



I began my nursing career in 1979.  I worked in various nursing roles until 1993. In 1993 I began work as a Radiology Nurse in a community hospital. Being the first nurse in the department I developed the role with the assistance from many levels of hospital leadership using the Association of Radiologic and Imaging Nursing (ARIN) standards. In 2003 I graduated with an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner degree and proceeded to develop that role in the same setting.  As our organization has now acquired additional radiology practices located in multiple hospitals I am in the process of developing the Nurse Practitioner role across the system to enhance the quality of patient care.  In radiology the role is multifaceted and encompasses performing procedures, coordinate care for interventional radiology patients, follow up for inpatient post procedures, clinics, follow up on complex cases to include ordering of labs, imaging, and coordination of consults, and remaining abreast of policies governing care of radiology patient. During this process there has been some level of resistance to the role mostly due to misunderstanding of the role and scope of the Nurse Practitioner workflow.  Prior to implementation at another hospital I have invested time to evaluate the literature of the Nurse Practitioner and implementation of this role across the world.  I found very useful information to successfully implement the role across varying disciplines and would very much like to share this to enhance the practice of others.

I have presented on numerous occasions successfully, served on many hospital committees, and served as President of ARIN.  My goal in presenting this topic is to provide the knowledge for the Nurse Practitioner to practice to the fullest extent of their license and scope to improve the quality of patient care.