5th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 18-20, 2021 | Orlando, USA

October 18 -20, 2021 | Orlando, USA
NWC 2021

Premruetai Noimuenwai

Speaker at  Nursing World Conference 2021 - Premruetai Noimuenwai
Sukhothai Thamathirat Open University, Thailand
Title : Leadership competencies for elderly care of nurse executives in the ASEAN community


This descriptive study aimed 1) to explore leadership competencies for elderly care through experiences and perspectives of nurse executives in the ASEAN community, and 2) to investigate requirements of each those competencies.
The samples comprised 53 nurse executives who worked for either nursing schools or services among the ASEAN Community from 8 countries including Thailand, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Malaysia, Republic of the Philippines, Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Brunei Darusalam, and Singapore. Research instrument comprised a guideline for brain storming with English open-ended questionnaires. It was validated for content validity by 3 nursing experts in adult and geriatric nursing. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and content analysis.
The findings of the study illustrated that leadership competencies for elderly care consisted of 6 dimensions and 35 requirements as follows: 1) leadership and management dimension with 10 requirements, 2) communication, language, and cultural skills dimension with 5 requirements, 3) ethics and legal practice related to the elderly care dimension with 4 requirements,  4) professional nursing practice dimension with 8 requirement, 5) education and research dimension with 4 requirements, and 6) information communication technology and digital skill dimension with 4 requirements.


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