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6th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 27-29, 2022 | Orlando, USA

October 27 -29, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
NWC 2022

Sonia Patel

Speaker at  Nursing World Conference 2022 - Sonia Patel
Felician University, United States
Title : Breaking barriers for breastfeeding mothers


There is stigma attached to breastfeeding. Whether it may be doing so in a public setting or being shamed for not breastfeeding your child because it should be easy. It may be easy for some mothers, but for most there are multiple barriers steering mothers away from breastfeeding their child. Resources and interventions include, preparing the mother to breastfeed during prenatal visits, postpartum education with the baby, and being available for mothers to reach out. Mothers are less eager to breastfeed their children due to barriers such as lack of information and education, frustration, bottle feeding in the hospital by staff instead of bringing the baby to the mother to breastfeed, hospital resources, postpartum education, tiredness and much more. There are emotional, socioeconomic, physical, and community barriers that play a role in the amount of mothers who breastfeed their child after birth. Evidence-based practice shows that providing resources to breastfeeding mothers can increase their willingness to breastfeed. Studies including randomized controlled trials provided lactation consultation during prenatal care, intrapartum and postpartum care and resulted in increased satisfaction from mothers and willingness to breastfeed after giving birth. In conclusion, increasing availability and access to resources pre- and postpartum for mothers to breastfeed can potentially increase their chances to breastfeed their child postpartum.


Sonia Patel is an RN in NJ/NY/AZ and an FNP student. She worked as a bedside nurse for 4 years in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU. During her years at bedside, she learned to advocate for her patients and their families. She taught mothers how to breastfeed their newborns with cardiac defects and to watch for signs of cardiac failure. Sonia completed her preceptorship with a comprehensive women’s health clinic, and was able to recognize how important early breastfeeding interventions encourage mothers to breastfeed their children after birth. Currently, Sonia works for Tia - a health tech company serving women.