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October 18-20, 2021 | Orlando, USA

Patrice Gayle Lumbang

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2021 - Patrice Gayle Lumbang
Patrice Gayle Lumbang
Tarlac State University, Philippines
Title : Operating room experience: How is it like to nursing students


Operating room is an environment where student nurses can assimilate what they erudite in class with what they perceive and practice in the clinical setting through seeing the anatomy in real life. This research study aimed to further validate and explore the operating room experience of the student nurses. It provides a more in-depth understanding of student’s behavior in the operating room and provide a basis for policy making of the school administration in the improvement of the instruction towards Operating Room learning experience of the students.
Narrative exploratory research design was utilized in this study. One-on-one audio-recorded interview was the primary data gathering method. Participants of the study were selected utilizing purposive sampling. There were nine (9) Level IV Nursing Students included as participants. Collaizi’s Method (1978) of data analysis was used to aid in data coding and identifying of themes. It was also used to aid in extracting, organizing, and analyzing the narrative dataset. For ethical consideration, informed consent was obtained prior to the conduct of the study, ensuring the participants that confidentiality of all the information and anonymity of the participant’s identity was strictly observed throughout the conduct of the study.
Findings of the study revealed that there were three themes identified through data saturation of the transcribed interviews.
(1) Wading through the storm:  Participants expressed their initial experience as the most nerve wracking moment in their exposure. There was an expression of fear of failure and humiliation.
(2) Enjoying the Thrill of the Chase: In this phase, there was already a feeling of excitement and that Operating room experienced was found to be challenging.
(3) Ready to Face the Trials of the Future: Over the course of time in the clinical exposure, nursing students bunched up knowledge and skills. They feel empowered, motivated and thankful for the vast experience they encountered in the operating room.
They conveyed their experiences as a key to their professional growth and role socialization, confidence, and self-esteem thus promotes eagerness in learning. In conclusion, the themes indicate that the levels of experiences of student nurses as from being panic and pressure-fuelled student nurses in the operating room, they were able to attain and develop self-confidence and self-determination. Despite moments of great stress and anxiety they were able to realize that their exposure in the area will aid them in terms of personal and professional growth, hence, will make them ready to face the trials of the future. A student nurse’s road to success is not always dominated by positive experiences, rather, it is an unforgettable adventure of twist and turns of happenings.
Orientation phase of the student’s clinical exposure in the OR should address their period of adjustment along with the fears and anxiety as described in the result’s main themes. This could then promote better student learning in the clinical area.


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