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October 18-20, 2021 | Orlando, USA

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October 18-20, 2021 | Orlando, USA

Mohammed Mukhtar

Speaker at Nursing conferences 2021 - Mohammed Mukhtar
Mohammed Mukhtar
Diaverum, Saudi Arabia
Title : The earlier MERS-COV screening for dialysis patients, it will help to reduce morbidity


MERS-COV is a viral respiratory disease caused by coronavirus, that was identified first in KSA in 2012. Infection is the second most common cause of death in dialysis patients, and this is because they were having routine trice weekly hemodialysis and exposed quickly to pathogens through needling, transfusion, and dialysis catheters. A treatment room is ideal for infection transmission. Dialysis patients were prone to severe infection because decreased immune function. Coronaviruses could cause highly contagious pneumonic infections.Spread mainly through contact and respiratory droplet
Provide a guideline on the infection control precautions for suspected MERS-COV cases to decrease the transmission of MERS-COV between hemodialysis patients & health care workers. So implementing these measures, it will prevent cross-infection. In addition, the identity trace for all health care workers those protected or unprotected exposure to patients confirmed with MERS-COV infection.
This study was based on the interviewed 4335 patients and employee 1326 from 34 Diaverum clinics in KSA at the screening area (Respiratory triage) before entering to the hemodialysis unit by using a MERS-COV screening. All patients attending hemodialysis units except those with immediately life-threatening conditions.
The average number of screening in 2019 is 624240 patients at Diaverum clinics in KSA. In addition, 413712 employees are included. Until now, we have suspected cases but still not confirmed.
Conclusion/Application to practice
This study suggest that all patients and employee they should be screened. Therefore, we can detect any case of MERS-COV before entering the treatment area. In addition should perform standard clinical management of suspected MERS-COV patients. However, they need to educate patients with signs & symptoms of MERS-COV to detect it early and make an appropriate intervention.


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