Potential Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2019- Patricia A. Seabrooks

Title: Regulatory practices that impact Viable Quality Health Care

Patricia A. Seabrooks

Miami Regional University, USA


Dr. Patricia A. Seabrooks graduated from the University of California San Francisco with the PhD in Nursing Science in 1992.  She has practiced advanced practice nursing and nursing education over the many years of her professional life. She is now the Dean of Nursing at the Miami Regional University which prepares foreign trained physicians and others with a bachelor’s degree, as professional nurses and nurse practitioners. The university also offers the Associate in Science, Bachelor’s in Science and the RN to BSN program.  For the professionals with BS degrees, they matriculate through a Direct Entry program that propels them to complete basic nursing, and after testing successfully for the license, they continue to the advanced practice certificate program.


The safety of the public depends on regulations that are created to ensure that health care professionals adhere to acceptable standards of care and practice. Quality health care that is acceptable and viable can be available to many members of the community when the regulatory practices are sincere and fairly administered. Licensed professionals are held to a standard of care that should guarantee that the receivers of care recognize the expected and proper outcomes of the care that was provided.