Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2019- Sri Hindriyastuti

Title: Explore the Experience of Mothers Having Children with Autism: A phenomenological study in Central Java, Indonesia

Sri Hindriyastuti

Cendekia Utama Kudus Health College, Indonesia


Sri Hindriyastuti, Finishing her Bachelor of Nursing in Diponegoro University Indonesia in 2010. She then awarded a scholarship from Australian Government to study her master of nursing in Australia. She finished her Master’s in 2016. Now, she is as a lecturer of Mental HealthNursing, in school of nursing, Cendekia Utama Kudus health College, Indonesia. She is active in teaching, research and social activities. Moreover, she conducts research project swith her Master’ Supervisor, Professor Alison Hutton from University of New Castle, Australia. 


Background: Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is characterized by multiple levels of misbehavior, including communication and language, unique goals and activities for the individual who may be repeatedly performed. Caring for autistic children requires extra patience, and carers may often experience stress when children have tantrums. Current literature suggests that the mother may experience higher levels of stress than the father's. The purpose of this study is to explore the experience of mothers who have children with autism in Central Java village, Indonesia.
Methods: This research uses phenomenologyy to explore the experience of mothers with children who have ASD. Mothers of children with ASD were selected purposive sampling. Data was collected through in-depth interviews.
Result: The results of this study produced four main themes: the feelings of mothers, seeking treatment, specific care, and social support. According to the participants, it is not easy to immediately accept the condition of their children when diagnosed with autism. Therefore,  the participants experienced a variety of feelings. Moreover, they make efforts to seek treatment for their children. In addition participants acknowledge that their children need special care. Furthermore, mothers need social support in raising their child with autism.
Conclusion: Mothers struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis of autism. However once diagnosed mothers make an effort to seek treatment and support for their child, as well as seeking support for themselves.