Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2019- Napatchanan Laotaweesuk

Title: Mentoring System: A Fast Track to Research for Nurse anesthetists

Napatchanan Laotaweesuk

Mahidol University, Thailand


Miss Napatchanan Laotaweesuk, a registered nurse specialized in newborn babies, has become a nurse anaesthetist for 10 years. She is interested in paediatric anaesthesia and works laboriously to take care of these little patients both elective and emergency cases.


As progress in knowledge has a great diversity in all fields, medical personnel have to be energetic to cope with these advancement. Apparently, doing research is only a success way to develop a new factual innovation. This is not an exceptional case for nurse anaesthetists as they have to promote themselves in their career path.
Though, the department provides a congenial atmosphere for research, nurse anaesthetists have produced a small amount of studies for the past few years. This might due to the limitation of deep knowledge in pharmacology, physiology, respiratory and circulatory system.
In order to do substantive research on the subject, nurses need to improve their status both in medical documents and research methodology.
Investigators believe that 'mentor' would become a key factor for nurse anaesthetist in doing reserach. This will lead to important medical advances that needs to be carried out in their specialty.