Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2019-  Charles Boicey

Title: The Nurse Data Scientist

Charles Boicey

Stony Brook University, USA


Charles Boicey MS, RN-BC is the chief innovation officer for Clearsense, an outcomes-driven healthcare technology company based in Jacksonville, FL. Previously, Charles was the enterprise analytics architect for Stony Brook Medicine, where he developed the analytics infrastructure to serve the clinical, operational, quality, and research needs of the organization. He was a founding member of the team that developed the Health and Human Services award-winning application NowTrending to assist in the early detection of disease outbreaks by utilizing social media feeds. Charles is a former president of the American Nursing Informatics Association and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Stony Brook University.


Once again nursing has an opportunity, this time to participate in the advancement of Data Science in healthcare. Nursing was at the forefront of the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and must now step forward in the utilization of data generated from the EMR as well as other systems. This presentation will take the participant through the various sources and types of data, the advanced technologies to process and make ready the data for scientific applications, the process for building healthcare machine learning models as well as the various use cases of applied Data Science in healthcare.