Speaker for Nursing Conferences- Regina Callion

Title: The Benefits of a Virtual Reality Application to Simulate Patient Care

Regina Callion

ReMar Review, USA


Regina Callion studied undergraduate nursing at The Ohio State University and graduated with a BSN in 2008. She has worked a cardiac nurse for several years while also starting ReMar Review a nurse testing education company. In 2016 she obtained her Masters in Nursing Education from Western Governors University where she did her final capstone on “The Use of Simulations to Care for the Post-CABG Patient”. She enthusiastically enjoys training domestic and International nurses to obtain their professional license. Mrs. Callion is a wife and mother of 2 children.


In nursing education, new developments in technology are often used to improve the process of learning for students. Simulations has been one of the ways educators are able to effectively teach nursing students with positive outcomes of learning. Virtual reality (VR) specifically is an up and coming avenue for immersive simulations but the challenges of cost and access to technology has prohibited the use by most institutions. However, with the popularity and advancements of the mobile application VR is now a viable avenue for patient care simulation.