Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2019- Leila Kianfard

Title: A qualitative descriptive study: Determinants of innovation within health care system for using physical activity in pregnant women in Tehran, IRAN

Leila Kianfard

Tarbiat Modares University, Iran


Leila Kianfard is the full time student pursuing a ph.d degree of health education in the faculty of medical science at Tarbiat Modares University. She is currently working on a PhD thesis on the role of E-Learning sector.The research is supervised by Professor Shamsodin Niknani.


Purpose: When introducing innovations to health care, it is important to gain insight into determinants that may facilitate or impede the introduction. To obtain an overview of determinants of innovations in health care system, about use E-learning to encourage women to do physical activity during pregnancy.
Data sources: Two focus group discussions were held with 12 number of pregnant women in two separated group, and after that, they organized deep- questions with them. Interview done with five gynecologists about the use of modern electronic methods for the study of physical activity in pregnancy also was carried out with three employees of the health centers.
Data extraction: The content analysis was performed by using MAXQDA, and the information of the subject and the titles was transcribed from the participants and according to the interviews, content analysis was done
Results:In the focus group discussion 70% of Pregnant women were more likely to use modern methods of emotional activity for physical activity, and they used these methods, and consensus was defined as agreement among 85% of the experts on the influence of a determinant towards which that influence tended. Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that future information innovations must demonstrate an advantage over and the research evidence supporting the innovation must be clearly visible. These results could be valuable for knowledge translation researchers and health promotion developers in future innovation adoption planning for setting the educational software to encourage pregnant women to do physical activity.