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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2016

Tracy Edwards

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Tracy Edwards
Modbury Hospital, Australia
Title : Rapid Assessment Team – Delivering Care at Triage


In 2008 the Emergency Department (ED) at Modbury Hospital employed its first Nurse Practitioner Candidate (NPC) who was endorsed in 2010; they have since employed a second Nurse Practitioner (NP). These NP’s work within a “see and treat” model of care ensuring that patients presenting in the triage category 4 and 5 are seen and discharged within 4 hours.

In 2009 the ED employed 4 Clinical Practice Consultants (CPC) to form part of the Rapid Assessment Team. The role of the rapid assessment team is to clinically assess patients that present to the ED while they are awaiting a cubicle in the main department. This team commences treatment at triage such as pathology, radiology including ultrasounds and CT scans, pain relief, fluid replacement and highlights patients that need to be taken into the main department.The aim of the team is to commence treatment so that patients have results available when they reach a cubicle in the main department and they are assessed by the treating doctor. This team plays a vital role in the department in reducing wait times, meeting treatment targets and reducing patient complaints. This presentation will demonstrate the effectiveness of not only NP’s in the ED but also the effectiveness of the Rapid Assessment Team. It will also explain the Australasian Triage System and how this team of doctors and nurses meet out National Emergency Access Targets(NEAT).

Audience take away:

  • The audience will be able to see how one small ED has managed to use existing resources it has to meet national time to treatment targets.
  • This initiative has reduced the complaints in regards to wait times at triage, patients feel as though something is being done shortly after presentation.
  • This initiative can be used in other ED’s to provide care on a timelier basis with education provided to staff to increase their knowledge base they could commence a Rapid Assessment Team of their own.
  • Patient satisfaction is increased and less violence towards triage staff has been another benefit.
  • The importance of NP’s and advanced practice nurses can play in an ED in reducing the wait times for patients.


Tracy is a NP working in the Emergency Department at Modbury Hospital in South Australia, Tracy works in a “see and treat” model of care and also as part of the Rapid Assessment Team, where she is required to fulfil both clinical and educational duties. Tracy has experience as a Cardiac Nurse and has held management positions including Acting Quality and Clinical Risk Manager. Tracy is particularly interested in cardiovascular health and has run several extra vocational programs focused on prevention of cardiovascular disease. Tracy was a finalist in the Future Leader category, SA Nursing and Midwifery Awards 2011, and won a South Australian Premiers Travelling Scholarship in 2011/12.