• Charles Boicey

    Stony Brook University, USA

    Title: Spark clinical surveillance: Saving lives and improving patient care

  • Carlos A. Archilla

    Nemours Children’s Hospital, USA

    Title: Not all narcotics are created equal: A comprenhensive review of opioids, prescribing patterns and literature review

  • Rose Kearney-Nunnery

    University of South Carolina Beaufort, USA

    Title: Memories do matter: Caring and dementia

  • Ed Mantler

    Mental Health Commission of Canada, Canada

    Title: System transformation through culture change: Changing the landscape of mental health care in Canada

  • June Anonson

    Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canada

    Title: Advancing research and scholarship through innovative leadership

  • Daryle Wane

    Pasco-Hernando State College, USA

    Title: Developing online BSN curriculum for both sides of the screen: Student and educator using the PEP approach

  • Georgia Smith-Vest

    Rasmussen College, USA

    Title: In pursuit of a “Drama Free” school of nursing – Quality begins in the classroom

  • Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

    Hallmark University, USA

    Title: Improving health care delivery through nursing education

  • Karen Whitman

    Lincoln Memorial University, USA

    Title: A systematic review of strategies to mitigate salary as one major determinant of the nursing faculty shortage

  • Cathleen A. Evans

    Widener University, USA

    Title: Measuring senior baccalaureate nursing-students’ learning-transfer evidence using a disaster scenario tabletop-exercise

  • Kathleen Suzanne Rindahl

    Fresno State University, USA

    Title: Screening school children for eating disorders: A missed opportunity

  • Doris Burkey

    Shepherd University, USA

    Title: Caring for the person addicted to opioids: The DNP role

  • Charlene Romer

    ATI Nursing Education, USA

    Title: Creating a repertoire of active learning strategies to improve student engagement

  • Gail M Prothe

    Optum Complex Care Management, USA

    Title: Mentoring nurse practitioners new to geriatrics

  • Carlota Quiban

    Point Loma Nazarene University, USA

    Title: Quasi-experimental study: Effects of stress reduction training on military parents of children with autism

  • Valerie Zielinski

    St Laurence Training Organisations, Australia

    Title: Night duty: A valid learning environment for student nurses

  • Kem Louie

    William Paterson University, USA

    Title: Effectiveness of transgender care content in a Nurse practitioner program

  • Kenneth Nord

    Region Skane, Sweden

    Title: Practice and learn together in order to work together as a team

  • Lasty Balseiro Almario

    National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

    Title: Scientific productivity among nursing professors at UNAM, in Mexico

  • Jacalyn Jaspers

    Allen College Waterloo, USA

    Title: The integration of interprofessional simulation education (IPSE) into the master’s of science in nursing curriculum at a midwestern college

  • Shirley Bristol

    Loma Linda University, USA

    Title: Ethical protection of clinical research participants through quality improvement processes for informed consent

  • Sandra Almeida

    Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

    Title: Nurse led virtual clinic for vascular service- improving patient journey

  • Traci Stewart

    Madonna University, USA

    Title: It’s not enough to treat everyone the same

  • Larissa Teng

    North York General Hospital, Canada

    Title: A new role for the clinical nurse specialist: New research on patient navigators

  • Lasty Balseiro Almario

    National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

    Title: Nursing research publishing academic and research network

  • Anne-Maria Olphert

    Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, UK

    Title: Live well die gently

  • Wayne D. Nix

    RNvention, USA

    Title: Creating an innovative mindset

  • Valerie Provan

    Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK

    Title: Using advanced nursing roles to develop the only nurse led dementia assessment unit in Europe

  • Momoyo KAWAI

    Teikyo Heisei University, Japan

    Title: Nurse’s meal assistance embodied knowledge which allows a dysphagia patient to eat orally

  • Badriya Khalifa Al Shamari

    Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

    Title: Multifactor examination of nursing job satisfaction: A cross sectional survey in a tertiary hospital, Qatar

  • Tetsuo Fukawa

    Institution for Future Welfare, Japan

    Title: Japanese elderly now and in future

  • Sudta Parakkamodom

    Mahidol University, Thailand

    Title: Feasibility study and prototype computerized program development of anesthesia electronic medical record

  • Jennette S. Logan

    Morgan State University, USA

    Title: Creating a civil, viable and quality health care environment

  • Malliga Jambulingam

    Morgan State University, USA

    Title: Creating a civil, viable and quality health care environment

  • Fay Mitchell-Brown

    California State University, USA

    Title: Building global health capacity for future nurses

  • Yvonne Ramlall

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada

    Title: Post discharge pain experience following primary total hip or total knee arthroplasty in patients whose primary language is not English

  • Nicole Marie Candiff-Llorens

    Tulane University Hospital, USA

    Title: Care of the patient with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis resolving the mystery

  • Jane Russell

    Good Samaritan Hospital, USA

    Title: Nurse navigators decrease emergency department use and readmission

  • Jaideep Herbert

    Vidyanta Skills Development Pvt. Ltd, India

    Title: Bring the research library to life in the delivery of patient care

  • Ruechuta Molek

    Chulabhorn Hospital and Chulabhorn Resarch Institute, Thailand

    Title: Comparison between video and handbook learning course in liver cancer patients undergoing first trans-arterial chemoembolization: A randomized controlled trial

  • Andrea Pusey-Murray

    University of Technology, Jamaica

    Title: Assessing undergraduate students’ sexual practices, perceptions of risk and sources of information

  • Mpoeetsi Makau

    Ministry of Health, Lesotho

    Title: The Lesotho nursing council taking a lead in HIV prevention through the nurse –midwifery led VMMC delivery model

  • Melike Yonder Ertem

    Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

    Title: The effect of motivational interviewing on treatment adherence and insight levels of patients with schizophrenia: A randomized controlled study

  • Shao-Po Huang

    Chang Gung University, Taiwan

    Title: Using concept mapping as a teaching strategy in students’ objective structured clinical examination training

  • Li Simin

    Sichuan University, China

    Title: Traumatic amputees’ phantom limb pain, coping style and their impact on patient’s quality of life during the recovery phase