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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2017

Lasty Balseiro Almario

Speaker at Nursing World Conference 2017 - Lasty Balseiro Almario
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Title : Scientific productivity among nursing professors at UNAM, in Mexico


Introduction: In this study, the scientific productivity of university nursing professors at UNAM’s ENEO, FES Zaragoza, and FES Iztacala, is shown.

Background: Current exigencies of society include that scientifically-positioned professors seek concrete solutions to the problems which their education contexts demand. This implies that there is the need to reflect on the fundamental role which researching has; and therefore on the corresponding scientific production of these professors too.

Objectives: To identify the researching productivity among the professors at ENEO, FES Zaragoza, and FES Iztacala.

Methodology: This is a quantitative, not experimental, pre-test-post-test, transversal, comparative, descriptive and diagnostic study. In the first stage, a situational diagnosis on the scientific productivity of the professors will be conducted. In the second stage, an educational intervention related to scientific publishing will be conducted. In the third stage, the impact of this educational intervention will be assessed. The pre-test sample included 52 professors.

Results: Close to 23% of the professors, most of the time have given a course on methodology of research, close to 82% have never given seminaries on how to elaborate review articles, close to 64% have not given courses on descriptive statistics, close to 55% have not given courses on quantitative research, close to 21% have published 1 article in the previous year, close to 70% have not published essays, close to 78% have not published case studies, close to 19% have not published 2 or more original articles, close to 30% publishes in national journals, close to 27% directs one or two undergraduate thesis works, and close to 12% directs a Master’s thesis work.

Conclusions: The scientific productivity of university nursing is still scant. The efforts of some professors regarding scientific publishing have been limited due to a lack of skills on this area. Therefore, a corresponding training program covering three strategic researching areas has been initiated.

Audience Take Away:

• In this presentation the auditorium will be able to identify the productivity of the teachers of the Nursing of the UNAM in Mexico. Although the low productivity in research is shown, it also shows the need to encourage teachers to increase their scientific productivity.

• This scientific productivity involves publication and dissemination in refereed or indexed journals of scientific essays, case studies, original articles, review articles, direct dissertations, dissertations, master’s and doctoral theses.

• With the above mentioned scientific productivity, Nursing teachers will be able to offer better teaching in their students.


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