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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2017

Mercy Popoola

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Mercy Popoola
John Glonor University, United States
Title : The holistic praxis educational phenomenon


The evolution and reconceptualization of technology in society for the last 30 years has provided the opportunity for a paradigmatic shift in healthcare education, practice and the focus on the concept of praxis. Twenty years ago, there was no nursing textbook discussing the concept of praxis. The explosion of the use of technology has provided support for and the revisiting of the concept of praxis which began with Florence Nightingale. Praxis is a holistic critical thinking process that can be an innovative and transcendent model of nursing education or practice and it is grounded in the philosophy of holism. The purpose of this presentation is to provide expert innovative approaches for the use of the concept of praxis in embracing modern technology in nursing education and practice using a myriad of grand and middle range nursing and non- nursing theories as exemplary experts. This presentation will also explain the need for the dramatic paradigmatic shift for the use of praxis in nursing education and practice.

Audience Take Away

• Address the history of praxis in nursing as a critical thinking and holistic phenomenon.

• Understand the concept of praxis from a holistic, critical thinking, and technological approaches.

• Use expert and praxis theories as exemplary guidelines to designed opportunities for nursing educators and leaders.

• Address the various Nightingale praxis contribution to nursing as a profession

• Explore ways to reshape nursing practice and education for the role of holistic nurses in the 21st century


Dr. Popoola’s career as a nursing Dean, director, critical care, telemetry, obstetric, and holistic nurse has spanned over 30 years of nursing in the United States and abroad. Her professional experience includes teaching in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, and in MBA programs; and working with various healthcare and HMO companies. The recipient of several grants and teaching-scholarship academic awards, Dr. Popoola is the author of four books, 25 academic journal publications, more than 50 professional presentations and workshops. As a consultant, she has develop over 10 academic and continued education programs at several local, national, and international educational and hospital organizations.