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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2017

Gail M Prothe

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Gail M Prothe
Optum Complex Care Management, United States
Title : Mentoring nurse practitioners new to geriatrics


Introduction: Since the beginning of the health care reform in 2010, the health care system has become more complex. Older adults require assistance from the health care system due to multiple chronic illnesses and morbidities. Many older adults and their family are lost navigating and understanding the current health care system. Geriatric Nurse Practitioners have an expertise managing older adults with the multiple chronic illnesses and navigating the health care system. However, only 3.2% of nurse practitioners have a geriatric specialty. Therefore, Adult and Family Nurse Practitioners provide care in 63% of long term care facilities. Mentors provide the bridge to educate and empower the non-geriatric nurse practitioner to provide quality and cost effective care to older adults.

Purpose: The purpose of this presentation will be to equip expert geriatric practitioners with the desire, knowledge and confidence to mentor nurse practitioners new to geriatrics. The presentation will provide geriatric resources and generational communication techniques to empower the new geriatric provider. Finally, the presenter will review the clinical aspects incorporating mentoring into a daily clinical practice.

Data Source: A review of the literature reflects the increased need for geriatric specialty expertise. Mentors provide the bridge for the non-geriatrician to be successful managing the older adult and navigating the health care system. Brenner’s Novice to Expert will provide the model to improve your skills as a mentor.

Conclusion: Mentoring provides a method to empower and educate the younger generation of nurse practitioners. The expertise to manage people with complex chronic illness through the health care system is a skill and an art. Only through effective mentors will the next generation of nurse practitioners be successful for older adults.

 Audience Take Away:

• Identify and appreciate the complexity of the United States Health Care System.

• Identify and utilize geriatric resources available online and apps.

• Appreciate and integrate communication strategies with the different generations.


Dr. Gail Prothe has been caring for the frail and older adult for the past 20 years with Optum Complex Care Management in Phoenix, Arizona. Her doctoral, master’s and family nurse practitioner certificate are all from Arizona State University. Dr. Prothe is an active member of the Geriatric Advanced Practice Nurses Association. She lives with her husband Dave in Maricopa, Arizona. They enjoy traveling and fishing the western United States.