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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2017

Lordian Kristaq Nunci

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Lordian Kristaq Nunci
University Hospital ”Mother Teresa”, Albania
Title : Blood needs at anemic patients admitted in ICU, can be evaluated by lactate level and vital parameters on admission time


Aim: Evaluation of red cell transfusion effects on tissue oxygenation, by measuring blood lactate levels before and after hemotransfusion. Blood lactate levels are suggested as sensitive parameter to evaluate tissue oxigenation. The aim of this study was to verify the efficiency of hemotransfusions that were performed on patients in intensive care based on lactate level.

Material and Methods: In this prospective observational study on(n- 59 patients) who considered that required red cell transfusion(the patients more that 25 point according to APACHE II-score were excluded). We monitor vital signs (BP,HR,Age,APACHE II-score) at admission time, and also was strictly observed lactate level and hemoglobin level at admission before red cell transfusion (pre T), two hours after transfusion (2h post T) and 24 hours after (24 h post T with or no any another red cell transfusion). At first the patients group based at hemoglobin level, Group Ia with Hb< 8g/dl and Group IIb with Hb ≥ 8g/dl. After that the patients group again based at lactate level, Group Ic lactat level ≥ 2,4

Results: Among another findings,comparison between group Ic and Group IId lactate level <2,4 showed that patients belong at group Ic needed 3 more time blood packs that patients on group IId with statistical significance (p < 0.01). On the other hand, we concluded statistical differences (p < 0.05) between groups Ic and IId on admission time as belongs vital parameters, such as blood presure, heart rate, age and APACHE II- score.

Conclusions: Statistical significance evaluation (p < 0,05) between above mentioned groups shown that lactate level and vital parameters are sensitive indicators in evaluation of blood needs for patients on ICU.


Lordian Nunci graduated as physician in Medicine Faculty of Tirana University on 1997. During 1998-2002he stayedasresidentnear Department of Anesthesiology and Intesive Care. After, he continued working at Intensive Care Unit. In this time he was tried to improve our experience in some filds such as mechanical ventilation,purmonary care and blood transfusion by followed course in some qualified European centers.