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7th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 16-18, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

October 16 -18, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA
NWC 2017

Umesh Sharma

Speaker at Nursing World Conference 2017 - Umesh Sharma
Mayo Clinic Health System, United States
Title : Attitudes of nursing staff toward interprofessional in-patient-centered rounding


Historically, medicine and nursing has had a hierarchical and patriarchal relationship, with physicians holding monopoly over knowledge-based practice of medical care, thus impeding interprofessional collaboration. Power gradient prevents nurses from demanding cooperative patient rounding. We surveyed attitudes of nursing staff at our tertiary care community hospital, before and after implementation of a patient-centered interprofessional (hospitalist– nurse) rounding process for patients. There was a substantial improvement in nursing staff satisfaction related to the improved communication (7%–54%, p50.001) and rounding (3%–49%, p50.001) by hospitalist providers. Patient-centered rounding also positively impacted nursing workflow (5%–56%, p50.001), nurses’ perceptions of value as a team member (26%–56%, p¼0.018) and their job satisfaction (43%–59%, p¼0.010). Patient-centered rounding positively contributed to transforming the hospitalist–nurse hierarchical model to a team-based collaborative model, thus enhancing interprofessional relationships.


Dr. Sharma is chair of the Division of Community Hospital Medicine for Mayo Clinic, representing hospitalist practices across all Mayo Clinic Health System locations.