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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
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Badriya Khalifa Al Shamari

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Badriya Khalifa Al Shamari
Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Title : Multifactor examination of nursing job satisfaction: Across sectional survey in a tertiary hospital, Qatar


Background: This study examined overall job satisfaction among Nurses in a tertiary hospital setting in order to understand the relationship between job satisfaction in terms of four dimensions: autonomy, work environ-ment, incentives, and perception of quality of patient care.

Methods: A cross sectional study of 435 Nurses at Al Rumailah hospital, Doha, Qatar was conducted using a validated Nursing Work Index-Revised questionnaire. Stepwise multiple linear regression was conducted toex-amine predictors of nursing job satisfaction.

Results: The study included 435 respondents, 68.2% of whom were hired from abroad. Mean age of respond-ents was 38.42±8.96. Most were female (87.1%), educated to degree level (50.6%), were married (84.5%), and work at the staff nurse level (84.1%). A majority (65.8%) of respondents had over five years of experience at current job. Overall, a greater proportion of respondents (53.3%) rated satisfaction with current job above 5, on a 10 point scale. Nurses from abroad tended to have higher ratings of job satisfaction compared to locals. There was no statistically significant difference in mean job satisfaction score by practice area (t=4.467, p =.0.139).

Conclusion: Expat Nurses tended to rate job satisfaction higher than those hired locally. Incentives (including financial and non-financial benefits) were a significant predictor of nursing job satisfaction. Autonomy and contract type were additional statistically significant predictors of job satisfaction, after adjusting for confounders.

 Audience Take Away:

• Audience will get an insight into the, nurse’s satisfaction with their job in different dimensions (autonomy, work environment, incentives, and perception of quality of patient care) and the strategies to be implemented to improve patient care.

• Medical staff employing nurses will know how the nurses perceive their job in various perspectives. It appeared that incentives greatly influenced nurses’ job satisfaction but, the individual questions that make up incentives revealed that the non-financial compensation (such as opportunities for advancement and praise and recognition for a job well done) contributed to job satisfaction more so than salary and benefits alone. This speaks to the importance of providing non-financial incentives along with financial benefits, which may be efficient and lower cost strategies for organizations to boost employee morale, and satisfaction.

• It was also found that rating of job satisfaction was higher among nurses hired from overseas compared to local hires in the country. This suggests that there are certain inequalities in the nursing workforce that need to be studied and addressed. Even with varying levels of job satisfaction between local and overseas hire nurses, participants rated the quality of care given to patients as high. This suggests to us that the nurses work hard to provide quality patient care even if they are not satisfied with certain aspects of their job. However, it would be wise to look at and implement organizational strategies to improve the quality of nurse’s work life in striving for excellence in patient care.


Ms. Badriya Al Shamari, RN, BSN is currently Director of Nursing Research, working with Corporate Nursing, Medical Research Center and Academic Health System at Hamad Medical Corporation. She has been leading research projects and activities contributing to excellence in nursing services and quality of patient care in the state of Qatar. She has been instrumental in promoting Nursing Research across HMC and educating staff on the challenges and issues of conducting clinical research. She is also the first young Qatari Nurse accepted to participate in the national Leadership program in the category of “Rising Leaders” at Qatar Leadership Center. Prior to current role, Ms. Badriya was Director of Nursing at a clinical setting overseeing Pediatric Services, PASS (Pre Assessment Surgical Screening) and Plastic Clinics at Rumailah Hospital - Hamad Medical Corporation. During the course of her research career, she has established a group that is working on a number of research proposals. Her first published research focused on examination of nurses’ satisfaction, the result of which was published in the International Journal of Nursing on June 2015.