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6th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 27-29, 2022 | Orlando, USA

October 27 -29, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
NWC 2016

Alaa Marwan Masoud

Speaker at Nursing World Conference 2016 -  Alaa Marwan Masoud
The DataFlow Group, UAE, United Arab Emirates
Title : The integral role of primary source verification in the nursing industry


Today’s rapidly evolving nursing industry is creating a lucrative market opportunity for unqualified practitioners to embellish or forge their academic and professional credentials. As such, accurate document verification hasbecome increasingly vital to confirming that professionals have the skillset, expertise and ethics they claim, especially in a critical industry where the repercussions of malpractice could be fatal.

This presentation will discuss Primary Source Verification (PSV), an advanced background check solution that was introduced to help organizations - particularly those within the healthcare sector - avoid possible financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational damage and, most importantly, internal risks. As opposed to traditional verification procedures, PSV refers to the attainment of data directly from the issuing source. This guarantees optimal information accuracy and integrity, hence ensuring that medical practitioners including nurses are professional, proficient and perform to their maximum capacities. 

Several years ago, the DataFlow Group collaborated with a regulator in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region to launch and implement a PSV program encompassing healthcare workers, and was ultimately able to reduce the overall percentage of false documents from 16% to 4% within just one year. This was achieved by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a global network of over 60,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 185 countries to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents.

In conclusion, the ideal method for ensuring both medical institutes and practitioners maintain excellent quality standards and serve their respective communities to the best of their abilities is by affirming and sustaining integrity, competence and professionalism across all levels of the value chain using the most rigorous verification solution available to date -which is PSV.

Takeaway Notes:

  • How as a nurse you can affirm your professional skills and credibility, whilst complying with global industry best practices.
  • Identifying the issue at hand and the implications of document forgery within the global nursing industry and healthcare sector.
  • The key role of PSV within the global nursing industry and healthcare sector at large.
  • How implementing a tailored PSV program can help your organization reduce potential risks related to document forgery and ensure excellence across the board.


Alaa Masoud is an accomplished sales and business development expert who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new heights of success in a variety of highly competitive markets and fast-paced environments. Masoud boasts an impressive track record spanning 15 years of firsthand industry experience, consistently achieving significant year-on-year growth for the organization. Upon entering the pre-employment screening industry in 2007, Masoud gained vast experience in contract negotiation, securing major strategic agreements with governments, as well as establishing multiple operating offices throughout the region on behalf of the DataFlow Group. Masoud holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the United States of America.