5th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 18-20, 2021 | Orlando, USA

October 18 -20, 2021 | Orlando, USA
NWC 2018

Renee Bauer

Speaker at Nursing World Conference 2018 - Renee Bauer
Indiana State University, United States
Title : Non-suicidal self-injury: Increasingly prevalent and misunderstood


Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is injury to the person without the intent to die. More and more cases are occurring in the psychiatric hospitals and emergency room departments. Frequently, these individuals are simply crying out for help and shunned by health care. It is not uncommon for these individuals to be seen as attention seeking or drug seeking. Little is known about the exact cause of the disorder while at one time; those experiencing the symptoms were labeled as borderline personality. Currently, our society in American promotes self-harm in venues such as music, videos and other forms of media. We now know that one does not have to be labeled as borderline to be self-harming. This presentation will describe what is usually seen in NSSI, what is going on in the patient’s brain, and ways to provide therapy to the patient. This will include what is presently offered and has worked. Those who usually self-harm will be defined. Additionally, dialect behavioral therapy will be described and shown how it has been used to improve the lives of those with this disorder.

Audience Take Away:

  • What NSSI is
  • Who is commonly affected
  • How the idea is commonly acquired
  • What is the occurrence of this disease
  • What do we use to treat this, what is best practice

It is thought that by addressing the commonality and treatment, healthcare providers could get an idea of best practice and become more knowledgeable on how to connect with these individuals. Individuals will be provided information leading to an interactive presentation.


Dr. Renee Bauer studied nursing at Indiana State University, Terre Haute and graduated with her PhD in 2015. She has spent 25 years working in psychiatry and teaching research and psychiatric nursing. She has over 30 publications and 40 presentations. Presently, she is attending the University of Southern Indiana to obtain her psychiatric practitioner license.