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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2018

Sandra Almeida

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Sandra Almeida
Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand
Title : Step to step guidelines for a nurse -led virtual clinic


One of the greatest opportunities in the 21st century is the potential to safely utilize the influence of technology revolution, which has transformed our society. As financial pressures grow, and the gap between expectations, demand and resources increases, need for the health care system to make use of the best available technologies has become increasingly urgent. To meet the challenges of improving health and providing timely, efficient, safer, cost- effective care, technology -via nurse led virtual clinics could be introduced to help tackle inequalities and improve access to services for all. Tele nursing is valued as a solution, as it could bridge the geographical gap by bringing specialist care to rural areas via technology. Tele health maximizes the utilization of expert resources to address the burden on health care services and redesign care pathways.

Results from studies have determined that the nurse led virtual clinic care model is patient centered, cost –effective whilst delivering safe, efficient, equitable and highly quality care. While the increasing popularity of nurse-led virtual clinics becomes evident, there is still very limited understanding of how this platform could be fully integrated as part of day-to-day nursing practice in the future.

This presentation will demonstrate an understanding of synthesized evidence of nurse-led virtual clinics and proposed guidelines based on international evidence. The presentation will cover a step to step guideline of running an efficient nurse led virtual clinic with little or no increased capital costs. It will start with why the need for nurse- led virtual clinics, significance of establishing the need for the clinic, barriers encountered, competency of the staff running the clinic and a guideline of running the clinic safely and effectively right from recruitment to post clinic processes.


Sandra Almeida is a Clinical Vascular Specialty nurse at Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand and has been in the role for the past 3 years. She received her training in Mumbai, India in 1993, gained some experience in surgical intensive care, thereafter travelled to the Middle East before settling down in New Zealand. Has since been working in vascular surgery services at Auckland City Hospital. Sandra also enjoyed a short duration of clinical teaching at Auckland University for year 2 nursing students. She recently presented her initiative work of nurse led virtual clinics at the Health Informatics NewZealand in 2016. Sandra is currently studying for Masters in health practice and is passionate about delivering a positive patient experience throughout their journey.