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October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
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The role of nurses in health promotion, Quality manager’s view

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Monika Vanhova
Military University Hospital Prague, Czech Republic
Title : The role of nurses in health promotion, Quality manager’s view


Military University Hospital in Prague is a member of Health Promoting Hospitals network since 2012. Since then many different activities and projects have been organized. The aim of health education is to offer to employees, to the public and to patient’s sufficient information such as to how to prevent diseases, change lifestyles, increase awareness, and motivate them and influence their attitudes for the purpose of creating an active interest in their own health.

Every health contact is a health improvement opportunity– this concept is central to a strategy of improving quality of care in hospital. Lifestyle affects human health up to 60%, the influence of other factors is much lower.

The health promotion In Military University Hospital in Prague is centered on: Patients – part of the admission nursing assessment for every hospitalized patient are also information pertaining to the perception of one’s own health with the patient focusing on identification of his lifestyle and health risk factors. The assessment focuses on smoking, nutrition, addiction (alcohol, medication), physical activities and mental health. If the problem is detected, appropriate recommendations are made to the patient to improve a healthy lifestyle. Patients are contacted with relevant specialists and clinics. Hospital management records the number of examinations and the number of risky patients. This admission nursing assessment is executed electronically in AMIS HD system.

Public – health promotion events for public are organized in hospital regularly. They are focused on prevention of lifestyle diseases and provision of relevant information relating to health promotion. Public has got an opportunity to meet various experts from different disciplines and seek advice, listen to the lectures or receive printed materials (examples of activities during the event: blood pressure check-up, measurement of presence of CO in breath, measurement of level of cholesterol in blood, learning best self-examination, exercise for back pain, learn about melanoma prevention, etc.)

Employees – we focuses on physical activities and mental health. Hospital offers its employees various options of physical exercise (badminton, volleyball, running, ping-pong, nordic walking, yoga, football, indoor soccer, etc.), fitness training with an experienced trainer, swimming pool, fitness room and gym. Hospital supported the national project “Bike to Work“, transferred into the hospital project “Healthy to Work“ and from 2015 we offer the project “Improve your health by changing your lifestyle“ which is focused on weight reduction by changing an individual´s lifestyle. Mental health is another important part of health care; we have an anonymous email address for employees in critical situation. This is a discrete way how to get in contact with professionals (psychologist, chaplain or psychiatrist).

An expert group for health-promoting activities has been established in hospital. This group is responsible for planning, organizing and evaluating all HPH activities within the hospital.

Military University Hospital participates in different national competitions or assessments relating to health such as “Healthy Hospital”, “Health Promoting Enterprise” or “Secure Enterprise”.

This presentation will show the role of nurses in health promotion and will summarize different health promoting activities which are provided for patients, public and employees and will present also some data.


Lenka Gutova, Mgr., MBA is Deputy Director for Non-Medical Health Care and Quality Management Care of the Central Military Hospital in Prague. Central Military Hospital in Prague since 1981. She is a Head nurse of Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology and Deputy Director responsible for management of nursing care and other paramedical professions and control and management of the quality and safety of provided health services (last 16 years). Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Institute of Nursing, Economics and Management and Consultant and Auditor of the United Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic - external audit of health facilities

Monika Vanhova, Ing., MBA is a Quality Manager at Military University Hospital Prague and Member of the national network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services and HPH coordinator for Military University Hospital Prague. She is a Member of Health Promoting Team of Military University Hospital Prague and Member of the Quality Care Team of Military University Hospital Prague and Member of the Security Council of Military University Hospital Prague