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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2019

Shirley Gbalee Seckey Fahnbulleh

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Shirley Gbalee Seckey Fahnbulleh
Liberian Nurses Association, Liberia
Title : Challenges nurses faced in providing care: The experience of Liberian nurses during the Ebola outbreak


 As we all might be aware, we are in a time of emerging emergencies that is posting a serious threat to the health andwellbeing of the public. During the presentation, my audience will get to know a lot about my Country in terms
of location, population, health care system and the referral pathway. Since the paper is about the Ebola crises,
they will also be learned of how the Ebola crises in Liberia started and where was the source of the first infection, most mportantly how the virus spread to all most all of the counties in just a short time frame. Considering the front liners “The Nurses” this presentation will outline the many challenges, fears and concerns that they faced and on the flip side of the coin what help these nurses to monster courage to return to the health facilities to begin work and even going to the treatment units to start providing care. This paper will lay out the role of the national Nurses Association, and what was its role during the outbreak that took the lives of approximately forty-four nurses. In conclusion they will come to understand why the nurses ran from the fcilities at first and what was the Ministry of health response to these care providers, in the mist of the worst Ebola outbreak ever in the history of the disease since 1976. We will also want to discuss what is most needed now by the nurses of Liberia and sort to find collaborative partnership to move the Liberian Nurses Association forward, so that they are adequately prepare when we have another health crises.


As a nurse I have worked in the hospital and the communities providing care and education for patients and families. I have worked tirelessly and rose to the level of manager of nursing services. I love been in the hospital especially at the bed side providing mentorship for novice nurses. As a nurseeducator, I believe mentorship is a critical part of the clinical life of nurses, at the moment I am involve in supervising mentors in twenty-five Majorfacilities and finds it rewarding getting to know and understand the many challenges nurses are confronted with whilst providing care.