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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2019

Lauren Blackshaw

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Lauren Blackshaw
Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom
Title : Paediatric Ophthalmic nurses take on more clinical triage responsibility with the support of clinical decision making platform


The World Health Organization has estimated a shortage of over 4 million doctors worldwide needed to achieve an acceptable level of healthcare delivery to the global population. Part of the health care solution to this has been to expand the role of allied healthcare professionals (AHP) and specifically nurses . These nurses need to be upskilled efficiently and safely. Within the UK, triage using nurses has been identified by NHS England as a resource to increase productivity and the government has committed to increasing AHP numbers.
? Current best practice for training in triage is set at local level and is not transparent or scalable. We hope to solve these problems with a triage support platform that will help support our nurses in their triage training.
? Thirteen paediatric nurses are being trained to use Dem Dx platform to support triage decision-making as they take on responsibilities for initial triage. The platform’s additional support and training allows the nursing team to take on additional clinical responsibilities with greater autonomy, efficiency and safety. It is hoped that this will lead to earlier and more accurate detection of common eye diseases in children, shorter waiting times for patients and carers, and more efficient use of clinical and laboratory tests.
? There is a qualitative assessment of the platform’s effectiveness by taking monthly surveys capturing the nurse cohort changed perception of triage and their confidence and effectiveness in their new roles.
• There is also a quantitative assessment of the platform’s s clinical and training effectiveness by collecting and analyzing data such as time seeing patient, activities per consultation activities, onward patient flow and results from case training tests


Lauren Blackshaw is a nurse both general and paediatric with specialist ophthalmic training. She has been working at Moorfields for 14 years, and was promoted to A&E Charge nurse in 2016. The Paediatric Ophthalmic A&E service was built up from basics in 2007 and one of our objectives is to find innovative ways to keep developing the staff in ophthalmic triage and assessment, and to develop a role for paediatric Ophthalmic nurse practitioners as the first step to developing specialist roles in our paediatric service. Prior to joining Moorfields, Lauren was an oncology nurse in New Zealand, Australia and UK.