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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2019

Chiu Ching Wen

Speaker at Nursing World Conference 2019 - Chiu Ching Wen
Sijhih Cathay General Hospital, Taiwan
Title : The effectiveness of case management model for prevention of postpartum depression


Background: Postpartum psychological health is recognized by the World Health Organization as an important issue affecting women. Postpartum depression during the perinatal period can have enormous consequences, not only affecting the health of the woman herself but also influencing her interaction with her children and other family members. Health professionals in regular contact with women during the perinatal period are encouraged to screen at-risk patients for postpartum depression.

Method: The research object is production of women in the postpartum ward at a regional teaching hospital in northern Taiwan, from August, 2018 to December, 2018. Case management model was given to the all research objects. The case management model include assess and interventional care and evaluation the postpartum depression. The first stage is after production, the Brief Symptom Rating Scale (BSRS-5) and the Edinburgh Perinatal Depression Scale (EPDS) are used for depression evaluation. The second stage if the score of the EPDS report is 10 points, the nursing staff will provide postpartum depression related education and conduct a televised visit within 1 month after delivery. In addition, through the information system to record high-risk cases, when the postpartum women returns to the clinic one month later to continue following.

Results: The research objects with 461 postpartum women. There were 57 people with EPDS 10 or more points, of which 38 were in 10-12 points and 19 in 13 points. The maternal depression was tracked 1 month after delivery. Only 6 people still have EPDS with 10 points or more, continue to give intervention to the education and care, and another mother will consult the physical and mental physician after the recommendation.

Discussion and Conclusions: In view of the current society, everyone is in a high-stress environment, and the prevalence of postpartum depression is also on the rise. Through case-managed model, early detection of maternal women with high risk of depression, early intervention and follow-up, so that maternal can get complete physical and psychological care. Conclusion of the study revealed important, that it can serve as a basis for future policy in nursing care for patients with postpartum depression.

Take Away Notes:

• Early screening for the importance of postpartum depression

• How to prevent the occurrence of postpartum depression

• Using a case management mechanism is very helpful for the care of postpartum depression


Ching Wen come from Taiwan and currently acts as care supervisor at Sijhih Cathay General Hospital. She is engaged in the administrative management of clinical care, and plans and supervises the care professional and quality of nursing staff in obstetrics and gynecology