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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2019

Irena Laska

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Irena Laska
Albanian Order of Nurses, Albania
Title : The standards of Albanian nursing in compliance with EU requests


Nursing in Albania, as in the whole world, is a profession that brings satisfaction, tiredness and a lot of challenges. These challenges in Albania are bigger than anywhere else as the consequence of the lack of organization in the nursing profession, starting with the way of education, the way of recruitment of the nurses and their professional competencies, which have a negative impact in the quality of the healthcare system. Nursing basic education in Albania had changed its form time after time and this had made the nurses feeling confused about the diploma they own at the end of their studies; the curriculums of nursing schools are not unified; recruitment and the academic level of the professors, let you wish for better; mentoring and leadership in nursing are unknown concepts. Albanian nursing has to face a lot of challenges and have to solve a lot of problems before fulfilling the standards to become part of EU. The configuration of the future generations of nurses, through the strong leadership and mentoring in the nursing field is an imperative duty.

Take Away Notes:

• The audience will learn a lot about the situation of nursing in Albania and will be able to use this information in several discussions and comparative studies about challenges in nursing field in developmental countries

• The audience can share the information with the colleagues and their students in nursing schools where they are teaching

• This presentation is a study and not a research work and thus can help the faculty only in teaching

• This presentation does not provide a practical solution, but reveal the problems and shortcomings of Albanian nursing which required knowledge and attention toward a radical change

• The audience can provide constructive feedback and different ideas for how the Albanian nursing could face the challenges that lay ahead


Mrs. Irena Laska studied Nursing at “Fan S.Noli” University, Korce, Albania and graduated as Licensed Nurse in 1999. Now she is CEO of “Mary Potter” Palliative Care Center in Korca, Albania, and the Director of External Relation Office of Albanian Order of Nurses. Mrs. Laska is part time teacher in Nursing Faculty of “F.S.Noli” University at Bachelor and Master Degree. She is an international and national trainer in Palliative Care subjects and has been graduated from EUPCA Leadership Academy in 2017.