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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2021

Brian Trzaskos

Speaker at Nursing Conferences - Brian Trzaskos
Motivation Beyond Measure, United States
Title : It’s not the carrot or the stick, it’s what makes your people tick: how smart healthcare leaders can leverage the new science of motivation to maximize workflow and increase patient satisfaction


That’s how much money U.S. companies have invested in “employee engagement” programs since 2010 and we’ve barely moved the needle. Gallup reports that over 66% of healthcare workers are disengaged from their work and 54% of healthcare professionals report experiencing significant burnout. As a result, most health care organizations continue to wrestle with costly turnover, morale draining presenteeism, sub-par patient satisfaction reporting, and sky-rocketing operating costs. Considering that nurse engagement is the #1 predictor of mortality variation across hospitals, something has to change! Common sense would suggest that the best way to improve engagement would be to ask people what motivates them and then deliver that at every level of the organization. Motivation, by definition, is our “reason for moving” and represents the powerful combination of both energy and purpose. Unfortunately, studies show that approximately 80% of people can’t accurately predict and/or articulate what their own internal motivators are. Fortunately, the new science of motivation is unlocking the tremendous potential of this DNA-level discovery, measuring intrinsic motivation, and smart leaders are learning how to leverage it for extraordinary results. In this energized session, we will introduce attendees to the surprisingly simple approach smart leaders are leveraging to connect each of their team members to their unique motivational drivers and create extraordinary results. If you’re a CEO or senior leader who KNOWS your people are capable of so much more and are frustrated by continually missing the bullseye, this is the session for you!
Following this session, participants will be able to:
• Identify the top reason for the most costly “dead zones” in their organizations current motivational culture
• Understand the new science of motivation’s 3-key elements for eliminating burnout and maximizing patient satisfaction
• Understand how uncovering their team’s (and their own) motivational drivers can quickly amplify change resilience, boost problem solving acumen and expand emotional intelligence across their organization


Brian Trzaskos is a human behavioral expert, co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching, and a recognized specialist in training human development professionals the new science of bioenergetics and motivation. Educated as a physical therapist at SUNY Buffalo and the world-renowned Craig Hospital, Brian has experience in neurophysiology, somatic psychology, and integrative rehabilitation methodologies, including mindfulness and Tai Chi. He has created two holistic rehabilitation centers, an international training institute, and a somatic coaching certification program. Currently Brian is one of the only practitioners licensed in the U.S. to employ the Motivational Maps assessment, which measures the full spectrum of motivation.