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6th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 27-29, 2022 | Orlando, USA

October 27 -29, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
NWC 2022

Katelyn Erickson

Speaker at  Nursing World Conference 2022 - Katelyn Erickson
Roseburg VA Health Care System, United States
Title : Synergizing high reliability organization principles and employee whole health initiatives to reduce workforce burnout


The Healthcare workforce are increasingly experiencing burnout syndrome in today’s settings. According to a 2021 report by American Nurses Association, “60-75% of clinicians report symptoms of burnout, while nurses are equally or more stressed”. The May 2022 Surgeon General’s Advisory addressing Health worker burnout states that, “workers are at an increased risk for mental health challenges” and “work in distressing environments that strain their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing” which compromise patient healthcare delivery. Additionally, the Institute for Health Care Improvement states burnout can lead to nurses having continuous psychological stress and negative impact on patients, the workforce, and organizations. HRO and Employee Whole Health alignment engage a synergistic approach to improve organizational wellbeing.

The integration of HRO and Employee Whole Health Program initiatives navigate an innovative approach to advance cultural transformation and decrease workforce burnout factors. The development and implementation of employee wellbeing programs, along with HRO educational trainings provide a foundation to advance employee satisfaction, engagement, and increase patient safety.

The incorporation of High Reliability Organization principles enhances a culture of safety, transparency, respect, and clear communication that increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and quality patient care.  When we are aware of our own personal well-being it leads to improved workflow performance, veteran healthcare outcomes, and the HRO Principle of Preoccupation with Failure.  For example, when one chooses to pause and step away to re-focus; not only does it support employee self-care-this practice also helps reduce errors and optimize team-based processes. 

Workforce burnout and retention concerns have only exacerbated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Established Employee Whole Health programs may support individual resiliency and stress management. However, limitations include no authorized paid time for participation, increased staffing shortages, and persistently high workloads. Unit and system-level strategies to address burnout are important considerations


Katelyn Erickson, DNP, RN-BC, CRRN has been at VHA for the past 12 years. She currently serves in the Employee Whole Health Program Manager role and Chief Wellbeing Officer candidate at Roseburg VA Health Care System. Dr. Erickson has published and continues to lead quality improvement projects that advance whole-person centered care and organizational wellbeing.