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7th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 16-18, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

October 16 -18, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA
NWC 2023

Jyoti Somabhai Patel

Speaker at  Nursing World Conference 2023 - Jyoti Somabhai Patel
Tata Memorial Hospital, India
Title : Exploring knowledge, attitudes, and practice associated with meditation among tertiary health care workers


Occupational suffering exhaustion related to stress in the workplace is experienced by nurses who are regularly confronted with trauma, suffering, and high workloads suffer exhaustion can negatively impact patient care and have detrimental effects on nurses’ physical and mental health. Meditation- based stress decrease programs have been researched as a potential holistic meditation-based reducing stress and burnout in nurses through calming present awareness, emotional regulation, and positive thinking.

  1. To explore the knowledge, attitudes, and practices associated with meditation among the Tata memorial hospital Nurses and investigate the relationship between perceived stress, trait mindfulness, and meditation. Factors associated with interest to participate in an online meditation program were also explored.
  2. To determine whether meditation is feasible, acceptable and effective to decrease stress, and suffering trauma.

A survey-based, cross-sectional study of 201 Nurse staff, in Tata memorial hospital, assessed knowledge of meditation, attitudes toward meditation using the Determine the Meditation Practice Inventory (DMPI), and meditation experience.

Meditation, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice(KAP), tertiary health care workers, Mental health, nursing; stress; suffering exhaustion; occupational stress

Table I presents the demographical characteristics of the study sample like age, sex, marital status, and religion for n = 201 nurses. Among 201 nurses, 24.9 % (n = 50) had done online meditation before whereas 73.6% (n = 148) had not done online meditation. The majority of the participants who did meditation and felt relaxed was 94% (n = 47), but 6% (n = 3) did meditation but didn’t feel relaxed. 98% of the nurses were able to concentrate very well after meditation while 2% couldn’t. 96% of nurses agree with the fact that meditation can help people to cope with stress and this is the act of calming the mind.

A total of 77.1% (n=155) also agree that meditation can make people become more aware of their negative thoughts.93% of nurses who had not done online meditation before also agreed that meditation helps them to stay healthy.

Table II presents 96% who did meditation prior also agreed with the same and there were no significant differences between their opinions with the persons who had done online medication before.

The result reveals evidence that meditation is effective in decreasing stress and suffering exhaustion in nurses. Meditation-based interventions have been shown to signi?cantly decrease stress, improve all aspects of suffering and exhaustion, and increase self-compassion and compassion sat- is a faction, of practicing nurses.


Miss Jyoti Somabhai Patel completed her Registered nurse And Midwifery at L.G. hospital, from Gujarat Nursing Council, Ahmad in the year 1992. She has done a course in Infection Control, from S.N.D.T College, Mumbai, which was conducted at Tata Memorial Hospital in the year 2002, She has done 1st and 2nd degree of Reiki therapy from Gujrat, (Baroda), She has completed a Head And Neck Cancer Certificate Course, from Tata Memorial Hospital in the year 2006. She completed her Diploma In Nursing Administration from Indira Gandhi Open University,( Mumbai )in the year 2012. She received her MBA degree in Hospital Administration from ICFAI (Sikkim, Manipal University) in the year 2016, She completed a Central Venous Access Device course (CVAD) from S.N.D.T College (Mumbai) in the year 2017. She completed her study counseling selling and spiritual health at Annamalai University, (Tamilnadu) in the year 2019-2021, India. She has been awarded for her contribution to the successful campaign to treat all patients for radionuclide therapies by Radiation Medicine Centre, BARC, Mumbai in the year 20She has presented her study TITLE- “To assess knowledge about breast cancer awareness among novice nurses in tertiary centers center”, At the academies 16th international conference in Germany, in the year 2019. She has done a study “ To Assess the Knowledge and Awareness about Breast, , Cervical and Oral Cancer Screening Among Oncology Nurses in Tertiary Cancer Centre”, Published in the Journal of Oncology Research Review & Report 2021. Currently working as a nurse manager in the Department of Preventive Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital. Mumbai, India.