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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2023

Health education practices for active and healthy aging

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Maria Adelaide Silva Paredes Moreira
Federal University Of Paraiba – PMPG - UFPB, Brazil
Title : Health education practices for active and healthy aging


Aging is a process inherent to nature that promotes functional changes (senescence) that will appear discreetly  throughout life, as all organs or systems age in a different and complex way in this process, in which changes it happens, both functional and psychological, which determine the progressive loss of the individual's ability to the
environment, causing higher vulnerability and a higher incidence of pathological processes. The prolongation of life is a reality for the Brazilian population, an excellent marker of society's achievements, however, this process represents a great political challenge, through the possibility of this evolution occurring in a pathological way, that comes along by diseases, functional incapacity and the development of a dependency.Physical and educational activities in health are practices that promote transformations in the lifestyle habits of individuals and the community, with impacts on quality of life and health, and come to contribute fundamentally to improving self-esteem, in addition to being able to reduce factors stressors, minimize the anxiety and anguish present in everyday life. Group activities are interesting and recommended, because They improve social relationships, physical and psychological health, favoring active aging and contributing to to slow down the aging process. In this regard, this project aims to: Promote health education practices, aiming at the active and healthy aging of elderly people cared for at the Instituto Paraibano de Envelhecimento. The results of the actions aim to improve the quality of life of elderly people, contributing to participation and collaboration in educational activities.
DESCRIPTORS: Physical activity. Health education. Elderly. Healthy aging


Adjunct Professor IV at the Federal University of Paraiba. Nursing student. Physiotherapist. PhD in Health Sciences and Post-Doctorate in Nursing. Coordinator of the Professional Master's Program in Gerontology at UFPB. Representative of the Federal University of Paraíba at the Municipal Council for the Elderly of João Pessoa/Paraíba; Leader of the International Research Group on Health, Aging and Functioning (GIPSEF); Researcher at the International Study and Research Group on Aging and Social Representations (GIEPERS); Founding researcher of the International Research Network on Social Representations and Health (RIPRES) - University of Évora/Portugal; Collaborating member of the Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC), Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Has experience in the area of Public Health, with an emphasis on Elderly Health, Functionality; Work and Violence. Ad Scientific Index 2023 researcher in 2nd position as researcher in Gerontology – UPFB.