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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2023

Elanne A Bueno

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Elanne A Bueno
Regis College, United States
Title : Refining nursing students’ success


Problem Statement: Anxiety is known to interfere with nursing students' academic life. Nurse educators are challenged to develop new teaching strategies to support nursing students' educational success.

Purpose: This project aims to assess and implement new teaching strategies, to reduce nursing students' anxiety and improve overall skills performance. 

Methods: A quantitative-experimental mixed study using Kolb’s Experiential Theory was conducted among first-year ADN nursing students in a two-year associate nursing degree program and one-year accelerated nursing program. Thirteen participants were selected for the intervention group, where the data was collected from February to March 2023 using Qualtrics software.

Inclusion Criteria: The inclusion criteria for participants were in the first year of the ADN program and first-time nursing students who spent none to half-year in clinical practice. The exclusion criteria for participants were based on students who met the requirements but had not enrolled in the study during the allowed recruitment time. And the students who refused to sign informed consent or violated the study terms and conditions before the study began.  

Analysis: Findings suggested that nursing students can benefit from the proposed intervention as it increases knowledge, satisfaction, and self-confidence, which ultimately decreases anxiety.

Implications for Practice: The literature review shows that nurse educators play a crucial role in facilitating learning and are the key to nursing students' achievements during their academic years. The scholarly project findings will assist the community in promoting well-prepared nurses for a demanding healthcare industry.

Keywords: Nursing, nurse, nursing students, nurse educator, anxiety, anxious, academic success, educational performance, simulation skills, high fidelity simulation.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Help students demonstrate proper skills practice in a safe environment, free of bias and stress.
  • Help students practice safe, evidence-based nursing care.
  • Help students develop self-confidence while performing skills practice.
  • It will allow the audience to use new strategies to support students’ clinical success, improving their leadership and mentor skills. In addition, this experience could expand research by replicating the study to support the study’s findings.
  • This teaching strategy helps nursing students to increase their self-confidence, which decreases anxiety and improves overall skills performance in the clinical setting.
  • Aide in closing the gap between theoretical content and clinical learning
  • Promoting nursing students’ learning
  • Increasing nursing students’ satisfaction
  • Aide in nursing students’ succes
  • Supports educational innovation


Elanne A Bueno, a doctoral candidate, was born and raised in Brazil. She graduated in 2012 with an associate degree in nursing from St. Vincent’s College; in 2018, she received her Master of Science in nursing education from SHU, and she is expected to conclude her DNP in August 2023 from Regis College. She is highly skilled, a Magnet Champion - Attended the Magnet Conference in 2018, and a key catalyst in developing a CNA Training Program as a pathway for new hires for SVMC. She is a nurse educator, sharing her knowledge and expertise with hundreds of students annually.