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8th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, USA
NWC 2024

Naomi Lorrain Nkoane

Speaker at Nursing Conference - Naomi Lorrain Nkoane
University of South Africa, South Africa
Title : Exploring the efficacy of maternal healthcare: Insights from midwives in South Africa


Midwives play a crucial role in maternal healthcare, where they often serve as the primary healthcare providers for pregnant women, particularly in rural or under-resourced areas.

Aim: The fundamental purpose of this paper is to strengthen and improve the capacity to deliver effective and efficient maternal healthcare services rendered in public health facilities in South Africa.

Objectives: To identify the barriers and challenges faced by the midwives working in maternal healthcare units in South Africa.

Setting: Three selected public hospitals were purposively sampled that rendered midwifery care.

Research Design: A quantitative research approach was used to guide the study.

Methods: A self-administered questionnaire. The study used purposive sampling wherein the researchers employed the combination of Random, Maximum variation, and Convenience sampling techniques to select participants for data collection processes. Microsoft Excel 2016- STATA 16 (Statistical Package for Social Sciences-SPSS), Version 27.0.

Results: Dominant themes were observable in the practical environment of midwives and their clients, society, and community in the maternity units. These themes were interpersonal relations, organizational challenges, as well as community, and government/policy factors.

Contribution: A comprehensive analysis of these themes can contribute significantly to various aspects of maternal healthcare and a broader societal understanding of dominant factors influencing their work environment, midwives can adapt their methods and approaches to provide better care, respond more effectively to the needs of their clients, and manage the challenges they face in maternity units; leading to improved maternal and neonatal health outcomes.

Conclusion: The identification of five dominant themes in the practical environment of midwives, their clients, and the wider society and community in maternity units offers critical insights for improving maternal and neonatal healthcare. This comprehensive understanding can lead to enhanced midwifery practices, more personalized and effective client care, informed policymaking, and better educational programs.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Midwives and other healthcare professionals can gain deeper insights into the complexities of their work environment. This understanding helps in tailoring care more effectively to meet the specific needs of their clients.
  • Policymakers can use these themes to develop more informed and effective health policies. Understanding the dominant themes allows for the creation of regulations and guidelines that better address the actual challenges and needs within maternity units. The community and society at large can become aware of the challenges and realities of maternal care.


Dr. Naomi Lorrain Nkoane is affiliated with the University of South Africa, as a Senior Lecturer in the College of Human Sciences: Department of Health Studies. She registered with South African Nursing Council in 1998 to date. Her focus is on maternal healthcare service delivery including healthcare service within Community Health. This study underlines the significance of maternal healthcare in influencing outcomes during this critical phase. Her work spans various aspects of nursing education, maternal healthcare, and the professional development of nurses, contributing valuable insights and knowledge to these fields. She has supervised Master’s and Doctoral students with six publications.