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Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

Nursing Keynote Speaker - Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

Title: Improving health care delivery through nursing education

Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

Hallmark University, USA


Dr. Gabriel Oluwakotanmi is the Director of Nursing Program at Hallmark University of San Antonio Texas. He received his Doctor of Nursing Practice from Touro University, Nevada. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a student, clinical nurse, advanced practice nurse, manager, director, and expert NCLEX reviewer. Dr. Olu as is fondly called has contributed immensely to nursing education in many different ways; seminars, presentations, research and NCLEX reviews. Surviving nursing school, dealing with unruly students, concept-based nursing education, nursing simulation education, hexad of nursing program success and so much more.


Improvement of health care system is a major goal for most governments of the world. Achieving this goal has been difficult for many. The importance of healthy populace cannot be over-emphasized. Afterward, health population will influence every aspect of good living; economic development, political stability, increased productivity, and life-expectancy. 
Citizens’ health presents a challenge to many nations of the world. According to the recent Pew Research Center, more than 85% of the respondent believes it was a problem in their country. 
While there are many ways to improve the health of entire human race, the goal cannot be reached without nurses. Nurses are the majority of healthcare providers in the world. It makes lots of sense to build the foundations and pillars of improved healthcare deliveries on nurses and nursing education. This lecture will explore how it could be achieved. 
In recent years, several health-related issues have plunged our societies; Ebola virus outbreak, Zika Virus, mental health, and drug dependence epidemic. The list goes on and on. It is my submission that these issues would have caused more devastation without the courageous and dependable nurses around the globe. 

Audience Take Away 
•    Importance of sound nursing education to the populace’s health. 
•    Achieving increased government participation in alleviation of global nursing shortages. 
•    Awareness of nursing leaders to encourage and mentor new nurses on ways to practice nursing to its full potential. 
•    In the growing multicultural world, nurses can use their cultural competence in delivering, improving, and expanding health services. 
•    Transcultural education among future and current nurses can be greatly enhanced by international clinical experience of nursing students. 
•    Nurses are major players in the continuing quest for improved global health services.