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Lavoy Bray

Nursing Keynote Speaker - Lavoy Bray

Title: Vanquishing the barriers to gender inclusivity

Lavoy Bray

American Association for Men in Nursing, USA


Registered Nurse with 40 years’ experience; Deputy Director, Psychiatric/Behavioral Health Nursing Course for the US Army; 11 years in an entry level nursing program as assistant professor and Dean, Quality Enhancement Services;  Chapter President, two terms, and Founding member of the Central Virginia Chapter for the American Assembly for Men in Nursing(AAMN). National board member of the AAMN (3 years); assumed the office of Vice President in 2013 following a vacancy and elected to the office, 2 year term, in 2014. Membership and New Chapter Committee Chair for 5 years. Former Virginia League of Nursing Board Member and Chair, Membership (2 year term). Current memberships include the AAMN, American Psychiatric Nursing Associations, Men's Health Caucus, Virginia League of Nursing, and Society of Federal Health Professionals. Participated in 7 medical mission trips to Honduras and Haiti.


Gender inclusivity in the profession remains skewed. Men comprise roughly 13% of the current nursing workforce. This percentage continues to demonstrate a gradual growth. However, in comparison with other professions, the rate has been dismal (less than 5% per decade in the last 40 years). The author proposes that four major obstacles prevent the profession from being representative of the population we serve. Barriers identified are historical, image, recruitment, and organizational in nature. There has been an absence of discussion in the profession regarding the historic contributions and achievements of men in nursing.  Image will be explored as it relates to societal/cultural aspects and stereotypes/gender expectations.  Recruitment will address general issues with attention as being given to the academic arena. Discussion of the organizational barrier will incorporate the components of education, professional organizations, and workplace. Specific strategies in vanquishing these barriers will be identified and explored.