Nursing 2019 Speaker - Maxine Holt

Title: Upskilling Undergraduate Nursing students to meet the UK Governments Five Year Forward View to empower childrens health promotion within UK school settings

Maxine Holt

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


Dr Maxine Holt is a Registered Nurse and Principal Lecturer in Public Health at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She has published work that focuses on the role of the nurse in public health whilst studying her M.Phil entitled “Putting Public Health at the Heart of Nursing practice” This work was further extended to her PhD obtained in 2015 entitled “Understanding Health across Different settings. A Nursing Journey”.  She has been involved in a number of project which address nurse education and the role of the nurse in public health in the UK.


The UK government has put forward its mandate for a radical upgrade in prevention and health promotion in order to ensure the future health of millions of children.  UK government and nursing policy has clearly outlined the imperative for nurses to develop health promotion and prevention skills to meet the policy requirements. Our project involved undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BSc) Adult Pathway nursing students, who planned and delivered a series of health promotion activities to 120 schoolchildren aged 9-10 years, in the university setting. Focus groups were carried out to evaluate participants’ experiences of these activities. Seven key themes emerged which highlighted benefits that both schoolchildren and the undergraduate nurses gained from the experience.  These included; transferability of knowledge, enhanced professional development, collaborative working and relationship development as positive outcomes of carrying out the health promotion activities. Providing undergraduate nursing students on adult pathway programmes with the opportunity and responsibility of planning, designing and delivering health promotion activities for children and young people, can support the ambitions of UK government and nursing  policy calling to action all nurses to work to prevent illness, protect health, and promote wellbeing in this target group.