Title: The challenges of the quality of care in elderly health in the 21st century

Ankilma do Nascimento Andrade Feitos

Santa Maria-PB College of Medicine and Nursing, Brazil


PhD in Health Sciences from the ABC College of Medicine. Has a Master's degree (2010) and a Teaching Degree (2009) in Nursing from the Federal University of Paraíba. Specialization in Auditing in Health Services. Specialization in Family Health by UFPB. Specialist in Educational Processes in Health from Sírio Libanês. Graduation in Nursing by the Santa Emilia de Rodat College. Is currently a professor at the Santa Maria-PB College of Medicine and Nursing. Worked as Tutor of the Specialization Course in Clinical Management in the Health Regions - Sírio Libanês. Has experience in Nursing, with emphasis on the Basics of Nursing care, and Elderly Health and Collective Health.


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