• Jose Aguilera

    St Vincents Private Hospital, Australia

    Title: Measuring the impact of three healthcare improvement frameworks

  • Jeri Burr

    University of Utah, USA

    Title: Innovations in Clinical Trials Science

  • Nichelle A Mullins

    Charter Oak Health Center, Inc, USA

    Title: The Essential Role of the Nurse When Treating Patients with Complex Medical Conditions at Community Health Centers

  • Angela Cruz

    Kaplan University, USA

    Title: An evidence-based exercise program: Reducing falls in the elderly

  • Lina Mayorga


    Title: Nursing Research & Education: Empowering Latina Cancer Survivors through development of an Innovative “Nueva Luz” Survivorship Education Program for Latina breast cancer survivors

  • Anne-Maria Newham

    Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, UK

    Title: Culture improvement and Leadership Programme


    Kirklareli University, Turkey

    Title: Based practices for the treatment of pressure ulcers


    Adnan Menderes University, Turkey

    Title: Nursing Practices Based On Evidence In Maintaining Successful Breastfeeding

  • Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock

    The Princess of Suburbia Company, USA

    Title: The efficacy and reliability of mobile application as an effective “voice” of the female patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) in silent cultures, which regard disordered eating as taboo

  • Selda MERT-BOGA

    Kocaeli University, Turkey

    Title: Senior High School Students Opinions and Thoughts about Nurses and Nursing: A Comparative Study

  • Kim Hedley

    Excelsior College, USA

    Title: Clinical Competencies – Yay or Nay?

  • Herlinda Zamora

    UT Health San Antonio, USA

    Title: Adelante (Moving Forward): A Program to Increase Nursing Workforce Diversity

  • Norma Martínez Rogers

    UT Health San Antonio, USA

    Title: A Cultural Inclusion Institute: Its Inception and Expansion

  • Pat Colliety

    University of Surrey, UK

    Title: Facilitating Students’ Confidence in Dealing With Challenging Situations in Practice

  • Renee Bauer

    Indiana State University, USA

    Title: Non-suicidal Self Injury: Increasingly Prevalent and Misunderstood

  • Ruth Bruce

    Kinross Group Limited, New Zealand

    Title: Nurse-led mobile solutions

  • Anders Aasheim

    Oslo University Hospital, Norway

    Title: Postoperative handover using ISBAR, a Checklist implementation to increase patient safety

  • Angelina Alaina Sepeku

    Abbott Fund Tanzania, Tanzania

    Title: Health workers occupational health at EMD-Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar e salaam, Tanzania

  • Jan Hilder

    Kinross Group Limited, New Zealand

    Title: Nurse-led mobile solutions

  • Mpoeetsi Makau

    Ministry of Health, Lesotho

    Title: A retrospective study on factors contributing to caesarean section deliveries in Maluti Hospital-Lesotho

  • Malliga jambulingam

    Morgan State University, USA

    Title: Self-Awareness of Civility among Nursing Faculty in Creating a Positive Learning Environment

  • Lori E Rhodes

    One Call Care Management, USA

    Title: Preventing Pressure Ulcer Progression in the Home: The Value of Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Eric Badu

    University of Newcastle, Australia

    Title: Health Care Delivery for People with Severe Mental Illness: Policy and Systems Practice in Ghana

  • Laura Croan

    Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Ireland

    Title: The Contribution of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Striving for Excellence in Health Care

  • Pura Cruz-Oliver

    Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, Puerto Rico

    Title: The Challenge after Hurricanes Irma and María to maintain leadership and quality in the teaching learning process of nursing program

  • Adele A. Webb

    Capella University, USA

    Title: Building Nursing Faculty Capacity in Africa

  • Larry E Simmons

    National League for Nursing, USA

    Title: Pathways to Certification in Nursing Education: The Work of Making the CNE a Global Certification

  • Gabriel Oluwakotanmi

    Hallmark University, USA

    Title: Running a successful nursing education program: A comprehensive evidence-based approach

  • Jayne Donaldson

    University of Stirling, UK

    Title: Digital Health: What can health apps offer?

  • Katie Boston-Leary

    Maryland Organization of Nurse Leaders, USA

    Title: Healing the “I’m just a nurse” syndrome: How to keep the Nightingale lamp burning

  • Amanda M Whateley

    Rainbows Children and Young People’s Hospice, UK

    Title: Could We, Should We, Can We? Ethical Dilemmas in Palliative and End of Life Care

  • Ana Carla Parra Labigalini Restituti

    IQG Heath Services Accreditation, Brazil

    Title: Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture in Brazilian Healthcare Organisations

  • Maybelle Gregorio Alvarez

    St. Andrew’s Nursing Home Queenstown, Singapore

    Title: Focus Charting (FDAR) in a Selected Hospital in Taguig City: Basis for Training Program

  • Bobbi Martin

    Galen Center for professional development, USA

    Title: The Business of Caring and the Value Proposition

  • De Girolamo Maria Vittoria

    A.Gemelli-Rome-Pediatric Intensive University Hospital, Italy

    Title: The NEWBORN to undergo therapeutic hypothermia

  • Dixie D Thompson

    University of Utah, USA

    Title: Clinical Research Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice – How ANA Recognition is Elevating Clinical Research Nursing at the University of Utah and at your Organization

  • Elif Bilsin

    Gaziantep University, Turkey

    Title: Development and validation of the taste alteration scale for children receiving chemotherapy

  • Gerardo Jasso

    Mexican Association of Emergency Nurses, Mexico

    Title: Emergency Nurses response to Disasters in Mexico

  • Gretchen J Summer Gafford

    Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, USA

    Title: Small Grants Enhance Collaboration and Implementation of Research and Policy to Benefit the Communities We Serve

  • Jeong ah Kim

    Federation University, Australia

    Title: Predictive Risk for Patient Safety Culture

  • Julia U Ugorji

    Rasmussen College Bloomington Minnesota, USA

    Title: Mental Health Gap in Nigeria: A Call for Action

  • Kathleen Lehmann

    Liberty University, USA

    Title: Does Language Matter? Implementing Recovery Language with a Hybrid Gamification - Coaching Model to Humanize Staff and Patients

  • Nadine Rimmer

    Keyano College, Canada

    Title: Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous Students in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program

  • Nancy Adrianna Garofalo

    NorthShore University HealthSystem, USA

    Title: The Use of Oro-Pharyngeal Therapy with Mother’s Own Milk (OPT-MOM) to Protect Extremely Premature Infants against Infectious Morbidities

  • Pamela Morey

    Western Health Authority, Canada

    Title: Pressure Injury/Skin Tear Program

  • Rosa Leda Bellini

    IQG Heath Services Accreditation, Brazil

    Title: Situational diagnosis of security incidents in Brazilian Health Organizations

  • Rosana Svetic Cisic

    Consultecca, Croatia

    Title: Great managers or influential leaders - what is nurses in Croatia?

  • Roy L Trahan

    The University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

    Title: PTSD Symptomatology in Neurology Nurses who Experience Verbal and Physical Abuse from Patients and Families

  • Shruti Patel

    University of Calgary, Canada

    Title: A Mixed Studies Systematic Review Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adolescent Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

  • Tiina Elina Lindholm

    Abo Akademi University, Finland

    Title: CHARIMUS ERGO SERVAMUS – Giving Hope is to Care and to Care is to Serve

  • Susan Peckford

    Western Health Authority, Canada

    Title: Pressure Injury/Skin Tear Program

  • Abdulqadir J Nashwan

    Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

    Title: Nursing Research in Qatar: Where Do We Stand?

  • Ahmad A Latif Abujaber

    Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

    Title: Big Data Mining in the Era of Evidence Based Practice

  • Amelia Nichols Alava

    UF Health, USA

    Title: Patient Factors and Outpatient Pain Control in Patients Discharged From a Regional Burn Center with Minor-to-Medium-Sized Burns

  • Ana-Bela de Jesus Roldao Caetano

    Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal

    Title: Primiparous mothers’ concerns at the first and sixth month of the postpartum period

  • Barbra Pesata

    UF Health, USA

    Title: Improving Speed, Efficiency, and Communication of Infusion Treatments for Medical Oncology Patients

  • Bejoy Chacko

    Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

    Title: Implementing Lean Principles to Reduce the Registration to Disposition Time in Emergency Department, Hamad General Hospital

  • Dean W Metz

    South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, UK

    Title: Outcomes of a Community Falls Service after Initiating Interdisciplinary Concurrent Assessments

  • Fen Li

    Flinders University, Australia

    Title: Cultural factors affecting the academic performance of international students studying in an overseas university

  • Julia Maria das Neves Carvalho

    Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal

    Title: Evaluation of the impact of a parenting intervention program on the parenting stress of a group of primiparous mothers

  • Leyla MUSLU

    Akdeniz University, Turkey

    Title: The Opinions of Final Year Nursing Students on the Clinical Practice Dimension of Nursing Education: A Case Study

  • Maria Eugenia Gras

    University of Girona, Spain

    Title: Adolescents’ percieved risk and future substance use

  • Marie Cameron

    University of the Highlands and Islands, UK

    Title: Student Nurse Career Preferences in Scotland: implications for the nursing workforce

  • Miriam Aparecida Barbosa Merighi

    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Title: The experience of weight regain after Bariatric Surgery: A phenomenological approach

  • Montserrat Planes

    University of Girona, Spain

    Title: Predicting adolescents’ intention to smoke tobacco

  • Nancy Manuela Hernández Zarza

    National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Mexico

    Title: Alternative medicine as a strategy in health

  • Rosalynde Johnstone

    Bertsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, UK

    Title: What are my Options? Can I Have a Say in My Future Care? What will Happen if I cannot Speak for Myself?

  • Sanna Fabiola

    AOU Maggiore della Carita, Italy

    Title: Health education versus health promotion in the hospital

  • Surbrena Forbes-Pedican

    The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital, Turks and Caicos Islands

    Title: The Benefits of a Comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control Education Program

  • Sureyya SARVAN

    Akdeniz University, Turkey

    Title: The Opinions of Final Year Nursing Students on the Theoretical Dimension of Nursing Education: A Case Study

  • Vedrana Vejzovic

    Malmo University, Sweden

    Title: Laxatives Prior to Colonoscopy in Children: Randomized Controlled Trial

  • Christy Vickers

    Ohio University Zanesville, USA

    Title: The Value of a Successful Student-Led Service-Learning Experience

  • Susan D Dowell

    Ohio University- Zanesville, USA

    Title: A Role-Playing Simulation Strategy to Develop Prioritization, Delegation, and Time Management Skills

  • Debra L Wagner

    University of North Florida, USA

    Title: Effects of Skin-to-Skin Contact in the OR on Maternal Medication Use

  • Jeanette Huemer

    The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

    Title: Bachelor studies for nurses organised in rural contexts - a tool for improving the health care services in circumpolar region?

  • Liss T Eriksen

    The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

    Title: Indigenous peoples’ perspective in education. Nurse education in Norway without knowledge about indigenous peoples?

  • Rose Nieves

    Colorado Tech University, USA

    Title: Fear in Nursing: Results of a Cross Sectional Survey Study and Implications for Nursing Practice

  • Virginia Pesata

    South University, USA

    Title: Fear in Nursing: Results of a Cross Sectional Survey Study and Implications for Nursing Practice

  • Mary L Perrin

    City of Hope National Medical Center, USA

    Title: Role of Nursing Competencies in Accelerating Clinical Trials in Stem Cell Clinics

  • Teresa Santos Boya

    Medina del Campo Hospital, Spain

    Title: Patients anxiety: A challenge

  • Sheryl House

    Ohio University-Zanesville USA

    Title: A Role-Playing Simulation Strategy to Develop Prioritization, Delegation, and Time Management Skills

  • Usha Daniel

    National Maternity Hospital, Ireland

    Title: Exploration of feelings of women towards a diagnosis of GDM & their Emotional Journey

  • Jaya Kuruvilla

    P.D. Hinduja Hospital, India

    Title: Integrative practice model (IPM) for enhancement of clinical judgement skill

  • Barbara J Holder

    Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, USA

    Title: 100 Ways to Improve Your Patient Satisfaction

  • Dianne L Sagehorn

    Mount Sinai Hospital, USA

    Title: When is does maintaining life in a patient with no neurological status become mental health or social treatment only for caregivers and reimbursement for organisations?

  • Brenda Spear

    Chamberlain University, USA

    Title: Assessing the learning needs and workforce capacity of nurses in underdeveloped countries

  • Betise Mery Alencar Sousa Macau Furtado

    University of Pernambuco, Brazil

    Title: Quality of life and depressive symptoms in victims with traumatic brain injury

  • Amy Dopson

    University of Surrey, UK

    Title: Facilitating Students’ Confidence in Dealing With Challenging Situations in Practice

  • Shaher H Hamaideh

    The Hashemite University, Jordan

    Title: Loneliness among inpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia

  • Ruth Porter Caggins

    Prairie View A&M University, USA

    Title: Integrating the Concept of Caring into Healthcare Practice

  • Soon-Rim Suh

    Kyungpook National University, Korea

    Title: Cognition and Physical Activity Integrated Program for Older Women

  • Paula Kennedy

    Liverpool John Moores University, UK

    Title: Who cares? “We’re going on a bear hunt…”: Hearing the voices of ‘the family’ seldom heard beyond the realms of mental health services

  • Joanne Mee Wah Loo

    Montefiore Medical Center, USA

    Title: A Multidimensional Approach to Achieve and Sustain a Viable Healthcare Delivery System and 4 Ts: Tech, Traditional Medicine, Talk, Teamwork

  • Kim Jeung Im

    Soonchunhyang University, Korea

    Title: Development of the biomedical screening tool for risk of preterm birth

  • Kiyoko Tokunaga

    Kyoto Koka Womens University, Japan

    Title: The Effect of the Learning in Nursing Students with Reverse Video playback of Nursing Skills

  • Kayoko Hirano

    Takarazuka University, Japan

    Title: A proposal of learning design using patient cases creation tool for nursing education

  • Natalia Cineas

    Mount SInai St. Lukes, USA

    Title: Bath basin elimination: The use of bathing cloths to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infection in critically ill patients

  • Janet Catt

    Kings College University Hospital, UK

    Title: Reducing Barriers “A Peer support model” improving access to Hepatitis C treatment

  • Charmaine Elizabeth Hassan

    Department of Health Northern Cape, South Africa

    Title: Knowledge, Attitude and Practices [KAP] of healthcare workers in the free state, South Africa regarding type 2 diabetes mellitus