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6th Edition of Nursing World Conference

October 27-29, 2022 | Orlando, USA

October 27 -29, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA
NWC 2022

Laura Butler

Speaker at  Nursing World Conference 2022 - Laura Butler
Texas Tech, United States
Title : Bedside Report Improving Nurse Residents Communication Using Artificial Intelligence


When nurse residents’ communication skills are improved, it positively impacts patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and better adherence to treatment. Although effective communication has been acknowledged as a critical skill for all nurses to provide quality patient care, Nurse Residents continue to lack the confidence and skill set to communicate effectively to their patients. Nurse residency programs are essential in the first year of a nurse’s career; while highly valuable, some programs lack an interactive lesson to practice communication skills. This study integrated artificial intelligence into a nurse residency program and provided the resident a platform to practice, receiving personal feedback and educational sources. Twenty-nine nurses participated in the innovative supplemental program. The overarching feedback from the nurse residents revealed they recognized the need to practice and the time to improve their communication skills. Recommendations are offered to continue integrating artificial intelligence with design changes to meet the needs of the nurse resident of the 21st century. Integrating an AI tool into the nurse residency curriculum, receiving personal feedback on communication could improve their nurse residents' confidence and potentially save lives.


Laura Butler RN, MSN, graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in 1999 with her BSN. Mrs. Butler had the privilege of working her dream job at a high-risk labor and delivery unit for 11 years. She completed her Masters of Education from UTMB in 2008, at that time, she transitioned from the bedside to teaching the next generations of nurses as an adjunct clinical/lab instructor. She is currently working as a Nurse Manager over special projects and is enrolled in the Post Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership Program and is expected to graduate May 2022.